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Expand your lifestyle with GREEN!

FreeChoice introduces


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The FreeChoice Formula

FreeChoice has a simple and complete formula.

With this FreeChoice Formula you give your body all vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right balance and quantity.

It takes some discipline but we can all be healthier.

It is actually very simple.

If you are willing to change your lifestyle, a lot is possible:

  1. basic knowledge about your body and health
  2. varied healthy food
  3. sufficient water
  4. sufficient movement
  5. good sleep
  6. support with the help of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

By using the Free Choice Formula with the Optimum Multivitamin and the CalMag drink you can easily get all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements you need in the optimum balance.


The right quantity for you of the Multivitamin Optimum and CalMag; it's that simple!

You may have some extra vitamin C but for most people the Multivitamin Optimum and the CalMag drink already contain enough.

The Specialties in addition

To support a healthy lifestyle, the FreeChoiceanother number of additional products developed.

For example, we have the Collagen, the (vegetable) Omega 3, (vegetable) Vitamin Dand the Triple-C.

And we have some more products in the pipeline, including a Multivitamins for childrenVitamin C chewing tablets and Collagen shakes

Today we proudly introduce the MULTI GREENS SHAKE.

Multi Greens Shake

The Multi Greens Shake by FreeChoice contains an impressive mix of plant-based organic products that nature has to offer.

The Multi Greens is a packed formula with many phytochemicals*.


barley grass
green tea


white cabbage


pink grapefruit

Rich source of nutrients

The Multi Greens Shake of FreeChoice is a rich source of antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes that nature offers us.

Of course, the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

It contains, among other things, a organic blend of Barley grass and Wheat grass, a Fruits&Greens™ extract containing 27 different fruits and vegetables, spirulina, cholerella, an extensive enzyme complex, a Lactospore culture, policosanol, acerola and green tea.

It is a very comprehensive product.

And it is by a optimal composition also with a delicious taste

It is a unique source of nutrition

In addition to being a normal acid and base balanceIt promotes, among other things:

  • 260 times as much natural vitamin A (beta-carotene) as a leafy vegetable
  • 8 times as much vitamin C like an orange
  • 128 x as much follic acid like a tomato
  • 16 times as much protein As milk
  • 11 times as much calcium As milk

Certain enzymes such as L-Glutathione are also effective antioxidants.

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Organic Barley Grass/Wheat Grass powder

A 13:1 extract of young Barley and wheat grass is the main ingredient of Multi Greens.

  • 37 times as much calcium as cereal products
  • 5 times as much natural iron as spinach
  • 43 times as much vitamin B6 like a banana


Without enzymes the body cannot function.

They play an important role in the metabolism.

She split the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food and convert them into absorbable nutrients and indigestible residues.

Fruit & Greens

The Multi Greens Shake contains the unique Fruits & Greens formula.

This highly concentrated extract(100:1) is composed of 27 different fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Fruits & Greens™ contains per gram Equal amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients as 100 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Spirulina & Chlorella

The Multi Greens Shake contains high doses of spirulina and chlorella

Fruits & Greens™ supports the effect of Barley Grass and provides the body with additional nutrients from fruit and vegetables to compensate for deficiencies.

These single-celled organisms contain chlorophyll (energy from sunlight) and supply nutrients that are important for the body, including amino acids, vitamin B12 and organic iron.

Lactospore - lactospore culture

Our intestinal tract contains good and bad bacteria.

The good bacteria help us to digest our food.

As long as the good bacteria are in the majority, our intestinal tract is healthy.

But due to one-sided diet, eating contaminated or spoiled food or chronic acidification of the body bad bacteria get the upper hand and can cause intestinal problems, fungal infections, acute food poisoning and other health problems.

For the ratio of good to bad bacteriaIn order to maintain an optimal balance, a lactobacillus culture (bacilli from lactic acid) is often used in the form of capsules or 'functional foods'.

The problem with these cultures is that most of them do not survive the hostile stomach acid and therefore have less effect once they reach the large intestine.

The Multi Greens Shake contains a so-called lacto-spore culture that can survive the aggressive gastric juices.

Green Tea

Green tea Is one of the most undervalued nutrients.

Modern research methods show that green tea has a large number of active qualities and can, for example, play an active role in promoting good cardiovascular function, regulating the Blood pressure and strengthening the immune system.

Green tea has a number of proven qualities:

  • It helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level*
  • it helps the Blood pressure maintain*
  • it helps as an antioxidant protect against oxidative damage*
  • the protects against signs of ageing*
  • it supports the preservation of healthy cells and tissues*
  • it contributes to the condition of the blood vessels
  • it supports the heart*
  • it supports the fat metabolism*
  • it helps to be on weight to remain*.

This is because they are in trace form is taken before it becomes a full-blown bacillus culture has developed.

Due to its natural microencapsulation, this lactosporin culture can survive the acidic pass around the stomach then germinate in the intestine and develop into a full-fledged lactobacilli culture.


Policosanol is a composition of fatty alcohols from honeybee waxes.

Policosanol contributes to a normal cholesterol contentand is considered a natural alternative to cholesterol-lowering drugs.

It also supports in a safe way heart and blood vessels and the blood circulation.

Green tea contains, among other things, volatile oils, vitamins and minerals, but the most active substances are the polyphenolsand in particular the epigallocathegin gallate (EGCG).

This polyphenols are responsible for the antioxidant qualities and effective functioning of green tea.

* Health claim pending approval by the European Commission

FreeChoice formula

FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

120 tablets
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

180 tablets
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - coated
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - uncoated
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

CalMag drink

30 portions
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Vitamin C1000

240 tablets


FreeChoice Multi Greens Shake

Multi Greens Shake

30 portions
FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Collagen drink

30 portions
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

Magical Drink

30 portions
FreeChoice - D3 2000IU - 120caps

Vitamin D3

2000 IU - 120 capsules
FreeChoice D3 800 IU - 480 chewable tablets

Vitamin D3

800 IU - 480 chewable tablets
FreeChoice - Omega3 - 60 softgels

Omega-3 EPA & DHA

60 capsules
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Triple C

240 capsules

Multivitamin 4KIDS -

240 Chewing Tablets


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