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Chemistry (not nature) threatens our health

"There are more toxic residues on potatoes, fruit and vegetables. The aim is to use less and less pesticides.

"Two out of three pieces of fruit or vegetables in Dutch shops contain residues of plant protection products.

It is almost always a cocktail of different pesticides.

Over the past seven years, the number of poison residues on potatoes, vegetables and fruit has increased, according to an analysis of measurement data of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) by Pesticide Action Network (Pan) Netherlands."

Daily newspaper Trouw, 14 December 2021

The body tolerates a lot

It is astonishing how much a human body can tolerate.

We starve it, abuse it and damage it.

It is a miracle that in many cases the body continues to function.

It is fascinating What life does in order to survive. 

Chemistry versus nature

The greatest threat of our health comes from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and not from nature.

Currently, we are frightened of a virusthat our natural resistance should normally be easy to master.

If we are at all at risk from this virus, it is only because our natural defences are weakened is.

Instead of our strengthen natural resistance to viral infectionswe are told that there are only a chemical solution exists.


We live in a chemical culture.

A staggering amount chemicals burden our body.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry produce masses of unnatural substances.

These chemicals come not naturally in our natural metabolism for.

Therefore, our body cannot cope with it either.

They are foreign to the body, have no role for or in the body and are harmful.

Our metabolism suffers from a constant bombardment of harmful substances.

By the impairment of the metabolism processes such as the natural defences impaired become.

Repairing & renewing

Our body is capable of repairing and renewing itself.

To do this, the body must have the necessary building materials have, such as proteins, fats, water and mineralswhich can be used to replace the damaged parts.

It must also have a large number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements have at their disposal in order to metabolism to run smoothly.

Body can detoxify

Our The body must be able to resist the harmful influence of chemical substances.

We can support our bodies in this fight. 

Our body has a powerful detoxification system that can neutralise many of these toxins.

But this detoxification system only works if the body has sufficient micronutrients and in particular vitamins.

Chemical and pharmaceutical substances can multiply the body's need for vitamins.

Chemistry harms

The harmful influence of chemistry and pharmacy is twofold.

With its products, the chemical and pharmaceutical substances our body directly.

In addition The production processes cause a lot of waste and by-products who are up to environmental pollution lead.

This environmental pollution can be direct but also indirect, through our drinking water and air that we breathe, damage our health.

Body puts poison in fat

If our bodies do not contain enough vitamins, we cannot break down the toxins. 

As an emergency solution, the body covers the toxins with fat to protect itself. 

Toxins therefore tend to accumulate in the fatty tissue of our bodies..

If there is no further storage space available in the form of fat, the body has to produce more fat in order to get rid of the toxins.

It is more than likely that the need for fat for the accumulation of toxins one of the causes of obesity is.

Protecting ourselves

Unfortunately, the the power of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries too large to expect a reduction in chemicals in the short term.

The governments appear unable to to tackle the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Also in the current crisis, governments see only a chemical solution

Only we can help ourselves.

We must ensure that we as few chemical and pharmaceutical products as possible get in.  

We can also look for food with low toxicity

That is, as the article in Trouw quoted above states, unfortunately not easy.

Furthermore, we should support our detoxification system as best we can. 

Vitamins required for detoxification

We can do this with the help of optimal support for our bodies:

  • healthy lifestyle
  • varied healthy food
  • sufficient water
  • sufficient movement
  • good sleep
  • support with the help of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

However, it is important to sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements to be used, not just an amount that is enough to make up for the deficiencies in our diet.

We also need these nutrients to neutralise the toxins in our bodies.


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