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The power of your natural defences

Illustration: A white blood cell

Our defences

Our body is constantly in contact with micro-organisms and foreign bodies.

If they are not stopped or removed, they can sick make.

Also our own body cellsWhen they degenerate, they can pose a threat. 

We have a immune system to protect our bodies from these threats.

In the course of life we also build immunity against all kinds of pathogens.

This is done on a natural way, namely by the go through illness.

Barriers to entry

🛡️ First barrier

The most effective way of defending oneself is to preventing micro-organisms or substances foreign to the body from entering the body.

Wherever the body is in is in direct contact with the outside world barriers are provided.

The skin forms an important and impenetrable barrier preventing micro-organisms from entering.

The lungs have mucous membranes and cilia to mechanically remove invaders.

The urinary tract are continuously purified by the urine that flows through them.

Furthermore, various bodily fluids substances that destroy or inhibit invaders, such as:

  • Sweat and sebum
  • Cranial fluid
  • Mucus and saliva

Finally, there are bacteria on the skin, in the vagina and in the large intestine that help us keep out unwanted bacteria.

🛡️🛡️ Second barrier

When the micro-organisms or foreign substances do enter the body, the second defence barrier in action.

army of white blood cells will clean up the unwanted bacteria, viruses and other particles.

The white blood cells can carry harmful substances and recognising and neutralising pathogens.

This is done, inter alia, through phagocytosis*.

* Phagocytosis: the ability of certain cells to destroy bacteria and harmful substances. From Greek phagein = food; kytos = cavity

This type of white blood cell omclosing bacteria, viruses and other particles and making them harmless.

Also infected body cells are removed by them.

Normally, there are between the 4 and 10 billion white blood cells per litre of blood.

🛡️🛡️ Third barrier

In the third defence barrier be antibodies made by a certain type of white blood cells: the lymphocytes.

These lymphocytes make antibodies specific for certain bacteria or viruses.

These antibodies then eliminate these bacteria and viruses.

The special feature of this third barrier is that it a memory has.

The next time that the body is infected by the same bacterium or virus, this recognised and this third barrier can be put in place more quickly.

Healthy defences are powerful

The immune system can, in principle, attack any microorganism

It is a scientific fact that infectious diseases only pose a threat to people with a significantly weakened immune system.

In this case, make viruses and bacteria do not stand a chance to spread and cause damage in our bodies.

And if we have a well-functioning immune system exposure to viruses and bacteria is precisely the way to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins, minerals & trace elements

Overall health is a prerequisite for a good immune system.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle of paramount importance for a properly functioning immune system.

A healthy lifestyle also includes all nutrients in the right proportion and quantity.

From the The following vitamins, minerals and trace elements It is known* that they are especially important for a normally functioning immune system:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Folic acid 
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

* Only these nutrients may be the subject of a health claim related to the immune system. Source: Commission Regulation (EU) No 432/2012

Al these 11 nutrients have an essential role in the normal functioning of your immune system

Of course, there may be more health claims are made for these 11 nutrients. 

And there are certainly many more vitamins, minerals and trace elements important for good health.

Lifestyle is important

deficient lifestyle and deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be deal heavy blows to our immune system.

Recurring colds and flu should already be a signal for someone that the string is already quite tense.

The susceptibility for diseases rears its head.

The white blood corpuscles, important in our defences, are weakened and hungry.

So there is a lot to be done by the improving lifestyle and the Elimination of deficits.

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