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The role of Vitamin K2 in the processing of Calcium

Vitamin K2 added

One of the improvements that we have applied, both in the new Multivitamin and in the CalMag drink, is the addition of vitamin K2.

As it is new, we would like to share with you some information about this important vitamin.

Vitamin K2 plays an important role in the blood coagulation.

But this vitamin is also essential for the health of both our bones and our heart and blood vessels.

What is Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is one of the members of the Vitamin K family, a group of fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin K is best known for its crucial role in the production of proteins that we need for the Blood clotting

If we do not have vitamin K, we would never stop bleeding.

Vitamin K consists of two groups: 

  • Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone)
  • Vitamin K2 (menaquinones)

As can be seen below, there is a difference in the molecular structureespecially the length of the tail and the degree of saturation.

The longer the tail of vitamin K2 the better absorbed in the intestines, the longer it stays in the blood and the more active it is in the bones, tissues and blood vessels.

Therefore MK-7 the best form of Vitamin K2 and is therefore also included in the FreeChoice products used.

In addition to its function in blood clotting, vitamin K2 in particular also has an essential role in the health of our bones and at the prevention of the calcification of blood vessels.

The K of Vitamin K comes from the German word "Koagulation", which means blood clotting. 

How vitamin K2 protects the heart and blood vessels

Vitamin K2 can play an important role in the reduction of hardening and narrowing of the arteries caused by arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis).

This has everything to do with a protein called MGP (Matrix Gla Protein).

This protein is one of the strongest inhibitors of calcium deposits in the vascular wall.

It binds the calcium and can therefore remove it from the blood vessels and coronary arteries.

But this MGP must be activated by Vitamin K2.

One molecule of Vitamin K2 can activate around 500 MGP proteins.

This activated MGP then causes the calcium to be deposited in the boneswhere the calcium belongs.

In short, Vitamin K2 is essential for preventing the precipitation of calcium in the blood vessels.

Evidence for this effect of Vitamin K2 came, among others, from Rotterdam*. In a large population study of 4,807 healthy people aged 55 years and over, the protective effect of vitamin K2 against hardening of the arteries was confirmed. The study showed a decrease in the risk and death from cardiovascular diseases by more than 50%.


* Cranenburg EC, Vermeer C., Koos R., et al. "The circulating form of matrix Gla Protein (ucMGP) as a biomarker for cardiovascular calcification." J Vasc. Res. 2008, 45(5):427-36


What role does vitamin K2 play in healthy bones

Our skeleton is completely replaced every 7 to 10 years.

This process is regulated by two types of bone cells:

  • Osteoclastswhich break down bone tissue
  • Osteoblastswhich build up bone tissue

As long as the osteoblasts produce more bone tissue than the osteoclasts degradeit remains bone tissue in good condition.

As soon as the Osteoclasts break down more bone tissue than can be produced by the Osteoblasts, the bone density decreases and osteoporosis develops.

This can ultimately lead to a higher risk of (serious) bone fractures.

Osteoblasts produce a protein called Osteocalcin.

In order for calcium to bind to the bone tissue, this protein must be activated

Vitamin K2 is responsible for this activation. 

Without Vitamin K2, Osteocalcin cannot be activated and the calcium cannot be absorbed in the bones.

What is calcium paradox?

When Calcium is Consumed (either through diet or as a supplement), it would to the bone tissue should go.

But unfortunately it Calcium also precipitates in the blood vessels where it is for the calcification of the blood vessels and possible vascular constrictions takes care of it.

This will be the Calcium Paradox called.

It is now clear that Vitamin K2 is the Solution to the Calcium Paradox.

It is not enough just to consume sufficient Calcium.

It must be processed and used correctly in the body.


So, simply put, the activation of these two proteins ensures that calcium makes its way to the bone tissue rather than the blood vessels.

Vitamin K2 activates both the protein (MGP) that prevents precipitation in blood vessels and the protein (Osteocalcin) that causes calcium to be bound to bone tissue.

How much Vitamin K2

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 75 µg (µg = microgram = 1/1000,000 grams).

Studies have shown that the required daily amount for many people is higher.

It is estimated that in our Western diet only approximately 25% of RDA occurs.

Through our diet and antibiotic consumption, the production of vitamin K2 in the bacteria of the intestines is greatly reduced

Which nutrients besides Vitamin K2

In addition to Vitamin K2, the following two nutrients should not be forgotten for a good calcium balance and healthy bones:

  • Vitamin D ensures a good Calcium intake in the intestines and ensures sufficient calcium and phosphate in the blood to normal bone formation guarantee. In addition, it is crucial for bone growth and the proper functioning of the Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts.
  • Magnesium also has an important role in the bone and cardiovascular health. It is one of the most important minerals in our body. It is required for 350 biochemical reactions.

What about blood thinners

The following warning is mandatory for products containing Vitamin K2:

When taking coumarin derivatives (anticoagulants such as warfarin), consult an expert before taking a vitamin K2 supplement.

Coumarin derivatives counteract blood clotting, preventing the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels.

The action of coumarin derivatives is based on counteracting the action of Vitamin K.

Therefore, if you are taking coumarin derivatives as a medication, consult your attending physician before using vitamin K2.

Your doctor may allow you to take Vitamin K2.

This is because the aforementioned functions of vitamin K2 are also important for people taking blood thinners.

Free Choice uses a high quality K2 ingredient (MK-7) with the brand name K2Vital® Delta. 

K2VITAL® is the purest, most active form of Vitamin K2, MK-7 (molecule with the longer tail, see above).

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