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The many essential functions of Vitamin C

Scurvy most extreme form of deficiency

We all know vitamin C in relation to the 'disease' of scurvy, from which sailors succumbed in large numbers in previous centuries.

Fortunately, scurvy is not very common these days.

But what is important to realise is that scurvy is the most extreme form of vitamin C deficiency.

Of course, we can have shortages without having scurvy.

There are many degrees between a completely healthy body with sufficient vitamin C and scurvy.

The many functions of vitamin C

Vitamin C is perhaps the most frequently mentioned vitamin, known mainly for its positive influence on resistance.

And that's right, vitamin C helps the immune system, especially at times of heavy physical activity or in cold environments.

But this vitamin is involved in many other processes, especially those related to the following scientifically proven health claims:

Vitamin C:
  • is important for a good condition of the blood vessels, and 
  • supports the maintenance of a strong vascular wall.
Vitamin C:
  • is good for the skeleton;
  • plays a role in the bone formationand 
  • contributes to the preservation of strong bones.
Vitamin C:
  • is important for the cartilageand
  • is good for the creation and construction of cartilage
Vitamin C:
  • helps energy release from the diet, and
  • activates you natural energy in the body.
Vitamin C:
  • is important for the skin;
  • helps with the skin care from within, and
  • is important for the formation of collagen which is important for the skin.
Vitamin C:
  • supports the absorption of ironand
  • increases the iron content in the blood.
Vitamin C:
  • give more resistance to physical effort, and
  • stimulates the immune system during and after physical exertion.
Vitamin C:
  • has a positive influence on the immune systemand
  • supports the immune system of the body.
Vitamin C:
  • contributes to a strong teeth;
  • is important for the building strong teethand
  • is important for the gum.
Vitamin C:
  • helps protect against the influences of pollution and sunlight;
  • helps it natural defence system of the body's cells, and
  • is a antioxidant at protection against free radicals.
Vitamin C:
  • good for the state of mind;
  • contributes to a clear mind;
  • contributes to the brain and nerve functions involved in the learning ability;
  • contributes to the functioning of the memoryand
  • good for the Concentration power.
Vitamin C:
  • helps the activity of vitamin E maintain.
Vitamin C:
  • good for the nervous system

Deficiency symptoms

The Cravings for sweets are a common symptom of vitamin C deficiency.

If this occurs, the remedy is simple.

Take enough vitamin C.

The Nutrition Centre* indicates that the following symptoms may also be related to a vitamin C deficiency:

"In the case of a long-term severe shortage reduced resistance, delayed wound healing and eventually scurvy. The symptoms are gum bleeding, subcutaneous and internal bleeding."

* Source: https://www.voedingscentrum.nl/encyclopedie/vitamine-c.aspx

FreeChoice Vitamin C

Because vitamin C about essential vitamin we are introducing a second vitamin C product.

It is also an essential part of the FreeChoice Formula.

The most important thing, of course, is to sufficient vitamin C to take in order to prevent shortages.

Therefore, the FreeChoice Vitamin C-1000 already a powerful supplement.

With a dose of 1000 mg per tablet you can easily get the quantities your body needs.

But the effect of vitamin C can be further enhanced by a optimisation of the composition.

Therefore, we also proudly present the FreeChoice Vitamin Triple-C.

The new Triple-C

Vitamin Triple-C of FreeChoice contains a high dosage of vitamin C in capsule form.

It contains 3 different forms of vitamin C:

  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Calcium Ascorbate, and
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate.

The Triple-C is a unique product which is both water soluble, buffered at neutral to alkaline pH and provides a fat soluble form of vitamin C.

This three vitamin C types its synergistic: them work together in our bodies and reinforce each other in doing so.

Thanks to the presence of lipids and flavonoids the numerous positive effects of vitamin C are optimally achieved.

It further contains no chemical additivesis 100% vegan, GMO-free and allergen-free.


Pureway-C® is a Unique complex based on L-Ascorbic acid.

You can see it as a highly advanced form of L-Ascorbic acid that both lipid metabolites as bioflavonoids contains.

Scientific research has shown that PureWay-C® is absorbed better and faster and more effective by the body used.

Calcium L-Ascorbate

Calcium-L-Ascorbate is very suitable for use in offset for the more acidic ascorbic acid.

It has a neutral pH and gives almost No stomach or intestinal discomfort.

At a high intake it can be combined well because of the buffered, deacidified form.

Ascorbyl Pamitate

Ascorbyl Palmitate is a form of vitamin C that is very Highly soluble in fat is.

Other forms of vitamin C are difficult to get through the blood-brain barrier.

By using Ascorbyl Palmitate, it is for vitamin C easier to reach and care for the brain.

FreeChoice formula

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Optimum Multivitamin

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Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

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Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

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FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

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Triple C

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