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Are you going to be vaccinated or not?



"Vaccination against corona is unnecessary and mass vaccination is highly irresponsible due to unknown side effects and consequences".

Professor Dr. Theo Schetters, Biologist & Immunologist

To be or not to be?

Vaccination for Covid-19 has begun and soon you will be faced with the question:

Should I be vaccinated or not?

In this newsletter, we share information that we think might be of interest to you in your decision.

Unnecessary risks?

Professor Dr. Theo Schetters is a biologist specialising in immunology and has been active in the vaccine industry for some 40 years.

He has several patents in his field of research to his name.

So he is definitely not against vaccinations or an antivaxer.

But he is very concerned about the mRNA vaccine which is currently taught in many countries around the world, including the Netherlands.

He is of the opinion that the very short test period there still much uncertaintyand and therefore unnecessary risks be taken.

mRNA vaccination is a completely new technique of vaccination that has never been applied to humans before.

As an expert, Professor Dr. Theo Schetters explains in a simple manner what mRNA vaccines are.

Programme maker Flavio Pasquino, from blckbx.tv conducts the interview in a professional manner and also shows videos of Dr Andrew Wakefield and Adrian Hill.

This interview should be seen by anyone who wants to make an informed decision about whether or not to take the vaccine.

Professor Dr. Theo Schetters is an immunologist with 40 years of experience in vaccine development.

"I find it highly irresponsible that this vaccine is given to people on such a large scale."

"Why are people not made aware that they are participating in a large-scale medical experiment?"

"It is a complete mystery to me how the Minister of Health dares to take this risk. It is unjustifiable."

Professor Dr. Theo Schetters, Biologist & Immunologist

The right of Informed Consent

There is a very important right that we as patients have, when it comes to any kind of medical treatment.

Namely, that we consent must give for any medical procedure that a doctor wants to perform.

This will be Informed Consent called. 

And this right therefore also applies to vaccination.

Without consent, there is an infringement of a patient's integrity.

So a doctor is obliged to properly inform the patient and give all information about the vaccination.

Including the reason why vaccination should be carried out and what the risks would be if you were to abandon it.

The doctor should certainly also be a distinction have to make to age groups and others risk groups.

The doctor must inform the patient informing about scientific studies that prove the efficacy of the vaccine

There would also be there should be full transparency about side effects and complications of the vaccines.

In doing so, the doctor is also obliged to informing about all alternative possibilities that are there to prevent infection and/or disease.

Are there alternatives

The coronavirus was established for the first time in humans in 1965

Coronavirus is classified in the cold virusestogether with the rhinovirus. 

In virology, it is therefore not seen as a serious virus.

The probability is therefore very high, perhaps even 100%, that all of us have been infected with the coronavirus.

Then there is already a basis of resistance present. 

In addition, we can do a great deal to Keeping the immune system working properly.

Our "caring government forgetsconsciously or unconsciously, to inform people about how to improve their health and support their immune system.

They would better emphasise the support of the immune system.

This is the system that contributes to the isolation and destruction of the virus.

Also the efficacy of the mRNA vaccine is based on the action of this same immune system.

The immune system can use a healthy lifestyle and certain nutrients stronger be made and promoted become.

Nutrients, such as certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements, provide a strengthening our defences.

It is evident that this can play a particularly important role in defending against the coronavirus.

We have you in one of our previous newsletters have already been extensively informed about these nutrients:


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