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How calcium & magnesium energise you

Economic and political influence

In addition to vitamins, the proper functioning of our body is dependent on many minerals

Our body consists of no less than 5 percent of its weight from minerals.

These minerals all play an essential role in the functioning and health of our bodies.

Of all these minerals, in particular calcium and magnesium important.

There are many processes in the body in which these two minerals have an key role play. 

Contribution to energy

Deficiencies of calcium and magnesium can cause problems.

Further on in this newsletter, all permitted* health claims listed for these two minerals .

One of the main reasons why the body needs a lot of calcium and magnesium is to produce energy in the cells for all the functions of the body.

The power plants in our cells are called mitochondria**.

The energy production in the mitochondria is so important that in case of deficiency, the body will extract these minerals from teeth and bones.

This could weaken the teeth and bones.

Therefore, it is important for the functioning of the body to prevent calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

* Whether health claims can be made is determined by the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) of the European Union. 

** Mitochondria are granular or sausage-shaped organelles (the organs of our cells) in the cell that are important for the energy supply and metabolism of the cell. The word mitochrondrium comes from the Greek mitos which means "wire" + khondrion which means "grain".

Calcium and magnesium ratio

Sufficient calcium and magnesium are therefore essential for energy production in our bodies. 

We must therefore ensure that we these minerals every day regain an adequate supply.

It is important that the calcium and magnesium are properly absorbed and processed.

To achieve this, a effective formula should have the following composition: 

A slightly acidic solution containing calcium and magnesium in an ideal ratio of 2:1, to which vitamins C, D3 and K2 have been added. 

Ratio 2:1

Calcium and magnesium are most effective in a ratio of 2:1.

Sufficient quantities

Assuming the ideal ratio, at least 500 mg calcium and 250 mg magnesium daily.

Dissolved in water 

These two minerals are called the best recorded if we dissolve them in water and make a drink of them

Together with vitamin C

To really use calcium properly, the calcium/magnesium solution must slightly acidic are.

Vitamin C provides the slightly acidic environment and the optimal utilisation of calcium in the body.

In addition, vitamin C adds many other positive effects to.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 Together with vitamin K2 and magnesium, it provides a effective use of calcium in the body.

And vitamin D3, together with magnesium, further ensures that calcium well absorbed in the intestines. 

And vitamin D3 has of course many other positive effects.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 activates proteins that help to absorb calcium into the bones.

This vitamin is therefore essential for the bone strength and density and to prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

Vitamin K2 also ensures that the calcium is not fixed in the blood vesselswhich could harden them.  

Vitamin K2 also has other important functions in the body.

The importance of Calcium & Magnesium


Calcium & Magnesium
  • support the energy level
  • activate natural energy in the body
  • help release energy from food (fat, carbohydrates and protein)
  • play a role in the activity of certain enzymes involved in the energy metabolism


Calcium & Magnesium:

  • are good for the muscles
  • play a role in maintaining smooth and strong muscles

Blood coagulation


  • helps with a normal blood coagulationand
  • supports the blood coagulation.

Protein synthesis


  • helps with the normal protein synthesis
  • plays a role in the building up body protein


Calcium & magnesium:

  • contribute to a strong teeth
  • are important for the construction of strong teeth



  • supports the heart muscle
  • contributes to a normal heart muscle function.

Mental capabilities


  • at mental effort
  • contributes to a clear mind and mental resilience
  • contributes to normalmental performance
  • contributes to brain and nerve functions involved in reasoning
  • good for the state of mindthe learning performancethe ability to concentrate and the memory
  • for mental energy


Calcium & Magnesium: 

  • are good for the skeleton
  • for the preservation of strong bones

and Calcium separately:

  • in case of need extra lime
  • helps the loss of bone minerals at menopausal women to reduce the risk of fractures. Low bone mineral density is a risk factor for bone fractures due to osteoporosis
  • is needed for the normal growthand development of the bones of children
  • plays a role in the bone formation from children


Calcium & Magnesium

  • contribute to a normal cell division
  • contribute to the production of cells and tissues
  • contribute to the process of cell renewal.

Minerals management


  • contributes to a good electrolyte balance
  • helps to maintain the normal balance in the water and mineral balance of the body 


Calcium & Magnesium: 

  • good for the nervous system
  • contributes to normal stimulus transfer in the nerves.

and Magnesium separately:

  • plays a role in the transmission of impulses between (nerve) cells



  • helps in the digestion
  • supports the Maintaining healthy digestion



  • contributes to fitness
  • helps to fatigue and tiredness at reduce
  • at lethargyfatigueand fatigue
  • it can lack of energy help reduce


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