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The importance of sufficient salt

In a previous newsletter, you were able to read about the importance of salt (sodium chloride) for our bodies.

We are often told that salt is bad for us.

But the opposite is true: enough salt is vital!

We really don't need to pay close attention to the amount of salt that we take.

However, what is important here is that we also sufficient potassium and magnesium in our bodies.

If we sufficient potassium in our bodies and get them through food, then you can take salt without worrying.

Sodium (salt) and Potassium together play a crucial role in the health of our cells and thus of our bodies.

Sodium is mainly present outside the cellswhile potassium correct in the cells sit.

And magnesium is important to ensure that potassium remains in the cell and sodium outside.

Therefore, it is important that you in addition to sufficient water, also provides sufficient salt, potassium and magnesium.

So if you adjust your lifestyle by the right amount of water drink, you should also use the adjust salt, potassium and magnesium intake accordingly.

Symptoms of salt deficiency

Because of the many warnings against using too much salt, a salt deficiency is quite common.

Which may indicate that you have a salt deficiency has?

There are four many common symptoms that may indicate this.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms continuously or regularly, you should higher salt intake may provide a solution. 

General weakness and muscle weakness

For example, you can weak and nasty feel due to a lack of salt.

Also muscles can be tired and weakened are.

It can also be affect your mood.

In short, people with a salt deficiency can feel weak.

Frequent urination

important task of salt in the body is to retain water.

If there is not enough salt in the body, the water quickly drained by the kidneys.

When you always going to the toilet quickly after drinking water this indicates that there is a salt deficiency.

This is also often why these people drink less water.

People drink less water to avoid having to go to the toilet again.

And this in turn leads to further dehydrationwith all the possible problems that this may entail.

One of the most important functions of the body is the Maintain of an exact concentration of salt.

The body will do everything to maintain this concentration.

When there is too little salt present is, the body can concentration only maintain by getting rid of water.

Have we, on the other hand sufficient salt in our body, then it becomes water not directly removed by the kidneys.

So only when we have enough salt in our bodies can the body be sufficiently hydrated.

Frequent headaches

People with salt deficiency have frequent headaches.

We see that when people with headaches have some salt take (2-3 grams of salt = one teaspoon) and sufficient water (half to one litre) that the headaches often disappear.

This seems more common in women.

In general, women eat less salt and are therefore more likely to suffer from a salt deficiency.

So before you reach for a painkiller, you should first water with extra salt need to try.

Constipation or blockage

If the body has the Quickly drains water and does not hold, is also the risk of blockage (constipation) greater.

Our food passes through the oesophagus and stomach, then through the small intestine and finally into the large intestine.

One of the additional tasks of the large intestine is to the moisture content of the body.

If there is dehydration, then the large intestine all the liquid from the intestinal contents fetch.

The body then considers this water more important than a good stool.

The stool will dry and hard and do not leave the intestines as well.

Laxatives stimulate the intestines and thus bring moisture to the stool.

Laxatives will therefore only make the body further dehydration.

But it is of course much more effective and natural to eliminating salt deficiency and drinking sufficient water.

Take unrefined sea salt

It is therefore important for people with the above symptoms to more salt to take.

And more salt means more water can drink.

It is best to use as salt Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt to take.  

These forms of salt are not refined and contain around the 80 other minerals which are all important for the body.

Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium are important mineralsbut the body also has some 80 other mineralssometimes in very small quantities (trace elements).


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