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Is optimal health achievable?

Disease = ‘being ill, state of being ill, derangement of the functioning of one or more organs'.

Sick = ‘physically unwell, are in a state in which the life processes are not regular and undisturbed, not all organs are working properly.


Definitions health & disease

We all want to be healthy. 

But what do we call health?

Health is a unclearly defined term.

And that is why it is difficult to have a Draw the line between "healthy" and "sick.

Let us first go to the definitions of health and disease watch.

According to the Dikke Van Dale, 'health‘:

being healthy, physical wellbeing'.

Whereby 'healthy' is defined as:

not afflicted by illness, in a state of physical, mental and social well-being'.

Balance & quantity

But what do we call healthy in practice?

Everyone wants to be healthy, but what is that?

We have already seen that 57% of Dutch people chronically ill is.

This means that approximately 10 million Dutch people not healthy are. 

But does this mean that 43% healthy is?

What to call healthy

What would someone have to do to call themselves healthy?

  • Is fresh, lively and active.
  • Has a lot of energy and is not easily tired.
  • Sleeps well.
  • Copes well with stress.
  • Has a good digestion.
  • Is not overweight.
  • Has healthy teeth.
  • Has healthy skin
  • Does not have pimples and other skin rashes.
  • Has healthy blood vessels.
  • Has no hair loss.
  • Has shiny hair that does not become greasy easily.
  • Has healthy and strong nails.
  • Is mentally fresh, can concentrate well and for a long time.
  • Has a good memory.
  • Is not nervous.
  • Do not worry too much.
  • Enjoy life.
  • Find that life is joyful.
  • Is cheerful, optimistic.
  • Is not susceptible to bacteria, viruses or other infections.
  • And obviously does not suffer from any diseases.

Is this state of health attainable?

Unprecedented qualities

The body has unprecedented qualities.

But then all life processes went well. 

To this end, the body must have everything is needed to work properly and to the constant renewal of the body's cells. 

The body has all nutrients necessary to make the complex biochemical plant which the body actually is, to work properly.

If there is even one nutrient is missing or insufficiently present is, the functioning of biochemical processes already adversely affected

Every year replace about 97% of your body completely and this is done entirely on the basis of the nutrients you consume. 

The quality of these nutrients determines the quality of your new cells.

Vitamins & Minerals

For the biochemical plant In order for it to work properly, the following is needed, in addition to some knowledge about how the body works:

  • varied healthy food
  • sufficient water
  • sufficient movement
  • good sleep
  • support with the help of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

With the reduced nutritional quality is particularly the support with vitamins, minerals and trace elements have become important in achieving or maintaining good health. 

These nutrients do have some time needed to achieve results.

We must take into account that shortages have been able to develop over the years stack.

But there is a Fairly rapid effect in your energy levelwithin a few days or weeks.

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