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Do you opt for vaccination or for
improvement of immune system

Gross negligence

COVID19 is caused by a virus.

The body has a immune system to defend against new viruses and bacteria.

So there is a relationship between a well-functioning immune system and a good defence against viruses such as the coronavirus.

A striking feature of government policy is the completely ignoring the natural possibilities of strengthening the immune system.

This is gross negligence of the government.

Instead, the vaccines pushed as the only solution for the 'pandemic'.

Immune system more than sufficient

There is an old wisdom that goes: 'Medicus curat, natura sanatIn other words, 'the doctor treats his patient, nature heals him'.

One of the most fundamental mistakes being made now is to forget that the immune system can deal with any microorganism

It is a scientific fact that infectious diseases only pose a threat to people with a significantly weakened immune system.

In this case, make viruses and bacteria do not stand a chance to spread and cause damage in our bodies.

And if we have a well-functioning immune system exposure to viruses and bacteria is precisely the way to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

Lifestyle and deficits

inadequate lifestyle and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can be deal heavy blows to our immune system.

Recurring colds and flu should already be a signal for someone that the string is already quite tense.

The susceptibility for diseases rears its head.

The white blood corpuscles, important in our defences, are weakened and hungry.

So there is a lot to be done by the improving lifestyle and the Elimination of deficits.

Is vaccination an alternative

In one of our previous newsletters, we wrote about vaccination against COVID.

In it, we provided information on the experimental status of the vaccines against corona.

The vaccine is still not fully approved by the European Medicin Agency.

The status of approval is: 'Conditional marketing authorisation granted‘.


This means that the approval at this time only conditional is and the clinical trials still ongoing are.

Only short-term tests have been done; Long-term side effects are still unknown.

We also gave an overview of the side effects as reported in the Netherlands (and America).

Update on updates in the Netherlands

Below is an update of the reported adverse reactions in the Netherlands.

In total, there are over one hundred and fifty thousand side effects reported to the Lareb Side Effects Centre. 

In the meantime, there are 189 post-vaccination deaths

n total 26.015 [2812] reports with 151.771 [12.670] side effects (the numbers of times the adverse reaction was reported are shown in brackets) [and the numbers reported in the newsletter of 15 February are shown in square brackets for comparison]:

  • Muscle pain (16.670) [1476]
  • Headaches (17,324) [1356]
  • Reactions at the puncture site, such as pain (11,218) [1284], swelling 4,181) [500] and heat (4,049) [443].
  • Fatigue (15.330) [1204]
  • Feeling unwell (16,837) [1170].
  • Shivers (14,932) [756]
  • Nausea (8,283) [576]
  • Fever (11,248) [514].
  • Joint pain (8,538)
  • Extensive swelling and/or redness at the injection site (465) [50].
  • Thrombosis (325 in Europe)
  • Deaths (189) [15], died within one to nine days after vaccination.
  • Severe allergic reactions (63) [25]
  • Anaphylactic reaction* (20) [8]
  • Extensive skin rash and swelling around the eyes or throat (17)
  • Epileptic seizure in epilepsy patients (14)

Source: Side effects centre Lareb: COVID-19 vaccines

* Anaphylactic shock: Anaphylactic shock is when the body goes into shock due to dilation of the blood vessels as a result of the release of a large amount of histamine. Other symptoms may occur together with shock, but this is not necessary.

But there is more to know


No liability

The manufacturers of COVID vaccines cannot be held liable for damages that people experience from the vaccines.

So the vaccine industry is not at risk.

The vaccines have not been tested on animals either

And there are also no testing done on different specific groupssuch as people with certain health situations.

Poor track record

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have no vaccine has ever been developed for COVID and produced.

Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Astra Zenica have been sentenced to pay large sums of money in damages in connection with medicines that people had physically harmed or even killed (See Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Thalidomide, Opoids, etc.).

No 'Informing Consent

We have the right to 'Informed Consent'.

This means that there are consent must always be sought for the vaccination, ON THE BASIS OF ALL THE INFORMATION.

But people become not informed of the fact that they are participating in a clinical study.

And also people are not informed about all the ingredients of the vaccines and the possible side effects that they may cause.


Vaccines do not stop infections


  • can be still COVID get
  • can still be others infect
  • need to mouthguards continue to bear
  • still need to social distancing Apply

Source: AD (Algemeen Dagblad).


The risks of mass vaccination

The Belgian vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bosche warns of the potential dangers of the mass vaccinations.

He has come out in recent weeks with serious risks associated with the current approach with mRNA vaccinations.

In the video below, Dr. Vanden Bosche explains the dangers [English]. 


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