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Medicine was effective

In the much has changed in medicine in the last hundred years

Research was initially extremely effective when people were still looking for the root cause of diseases.

In this way, several serious diseases were found to be were caused by shortages.

Examples are:

  • English disease* - Vitamin deficiency D
  • Night blindness* - Vitamin deficiency A
  • Scurvy* - Vitamin deficiency C
  • Pernicious anaemia* - worst form of vitamin deficiency B12
  • Pellagra* - Vitamin deficiency B3
  • Beriberi* - Vitamin deficiency B1

Since these discoveries, these diseases can prevent and treated be in a natural way without any side effects.

For these discoveries, these conditions considered to be serious.

Some could even fatal are.

But the use of nutrients, such as vitamins, was found to be a spectacular cure to be. 

Simply by making adjustments to the diet and by applying supplements, could prevent or treat these diseases become.

You would think that these huge breakthroughs would ensure that medical research would be would focus on the role that nutrition and nutrients in the prevention and treatment of diseases. 

But the medicine unfortunately took a different path.

Nature is perfect

God created our bodies in perfection.

Nature and the human body have evolved over many millions of years into a fascinating, ingenious and perfectly functioning unit

Understanding and strengthening the natural processes are therefore the only effective route to full health.

Biologists, biochemists, nutritionists and other researchers have already accumulated a great deal of knowledge.   

This knowledge enables us to safeguard our health forever.

By translating this knowledge into a right lifestyle with the ideal diet that includes all essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, we can take care of our own health.

Arrogance & destruction

Unfortunately, much of the available knowledge is not used by the medical profession and even suppressed.

Instead of respecting nature, the choice was made for the intervention with man-made and therefore unnatural chemical substances.

Some people were so arrogant to think that they could add something to a perfectly functioning system.

The chemical industry went chemical substances develop that do not occur in nature to "heal" the body.

This development was driven by a enormous desire for financial gain

Patents can only be acquired on unnatural substances who are in a very profitable monopoly may result.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Rockefeller family, together with other interested parties, began to invest heavily in medicines.

They already had major interests in the oil and chemical industries, but they were looking for new ways to make even more money.

The investment in research and development of unnatural chemical medicines was the result.

Doctors fooled

With their influence and wealth, they also knew how to manipulate doctors' trainingso that their medicines became the guiding principle in the treatment of patients. 

Step by step, a medical culture was created that produces more and more money but less and less health.

Nutrition and the importance of vitamins and minerals were almost completely removed from the curriculum of medical studies and medical practice. 

Doctors receive a very one-sided training who gave them the impossible makes to help us regain our health.

They are trained to think in a different way. 

She is taught Which medicine should be prescribed when you are ill

With regularly trained doctors come The question "what deficiency could be responsible for this condition?.

*Beriberi = a symptom of a Vitamin B1 deficiency. It has two manifestations: wet beriberi, in which the heart is affected, and dry beriberi, in which the nervous system is affected. Characteristics of wet beriberi are: sweating, oedema, accelerated heartbeat and an enlarged heart due to decompensation. Characteristics of dry beriberi are: pain, feeling of death, abnormal sensation in hands and legs, muscle paralysis of the lower extremities, brain damage and eventually death.

Support perfection

The good news is that more and more people and even doctors see the current situation.

More and more people are taking the responsibility for their own body and health in the hand.

They go seeking knowledge of how the body works and about how you can actually strengthen your health.

We must return to the support of nature and the strengthening the natural processes in our bodies.

We will discover that many, if not all diseases are related to deficiencies and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Our body is a perfect and highly ingenious device and if we know the instructions and apply them we can very long enjoyment of it. 

*English Disease = Rachitis - a weakening of the bones due to a vitamin D deficiency. Calcium, which is necessary for strong bones, cannot be absorbed without sufficient amounts of this vitamin. The bones become soft and the legs may bend under the weight of the body.

*Night blindness = not being able to see properly in the dark, caused by a vitamin A deficiency. In darkness or semi-darkness, a person who is night-blind sees nothing at all. It is a very annoying condition that can be easily remedied by taking sufficient vitamins.

*Scurvy = an extremely serious vitamin C deficiency. Bleeding takes place all over the body: the gums, joints, bone membranes and many other tissues swell. The hands and feet hurt and teeth fall out. If a person is not given vitamin C, he will die. This condition used to be known as 'sailor's disease' because many sailors suffered from scurvy on their long voyages overseas, during which no fresh fruit and vegetables were available. A less obvious form of scurvy is very common. Although probably millions of people suffer from vitamin C deficiency, it is rarely diagnosed.

*Pernicious Anaemia = is caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiencyAs a result, an abnormal growth of red blood corpuscles takes place. They grow faster, change shape and are destroyed much faster.

*Pellagra = a symptom of a Niacin (Vitamin B3) deficiency. The word comes from the Italian, where it means 'hard skin', a reference to the hard and thin skin often seen. The disease takes place throughout the body and has four characteristic symptoms: diarrhoea, inflammation of the skin, insanity and death.

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