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Does your body produce enough energy?



Vitality =

  1. Life force, energy
  2. Liveliness, inspiration, dynamism
  3. The possession of life force
Source: Dikke Van Dale

Vitality comes from Latin vitalis which is derived from vita = life

This is one of the most important topics when we talk about health and happiness.

Vitality = Life force, energy.

The thing that can slow us down most in life, other than a serious illness, is a lack of vitality.

Our vitality determines the extent to which we enjoy life.

But it also determines the extent of our health!

Nothing worse than lack of vitality

How can you have fun, dance, laugh, go out with friends if you on your last reserves lives.

If you worn you will not feel like receiving friends or family. 
If we tired quickly are, then it takes extra effort to get or stay in work and we experience it much less fun on.
Not enough energy leads us to get less exercise, not to exercise or to drop out more quickly.
Studying becomes a drama when we have too little energy. The pleasure disappears and gives way to stress and mental pressure.

Also for body effects

And the lack of vitality is not only expressed in what we want to do with our bodies. 

Also all internal organs and tissues suffer from the lack of energy. 

Not only the muscles, but also the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, etc. have needs a lot of energy

It is even the case that if the body produces enough energy, it is less likely to get sick can be. 

Very topical is our immune system and our ability to protect ourselves from harmful viruses and bacteria. 

The immune system is a complex entity which needs a lot of energy to work well.

Even our quality of sleep depends on the vitality of our body. 

On the contrary, it is a lack of energy that causes the body to keep us awakeOrgans that lack energy keep us awake.

People with a good vitality sleeping better

Empty batteries

We can empty batteries because we have used body and mind intensively; this is a normal consequence of exertion.

This is fatigue that will pass if we rest.

And we will already quickly with renewed enthusiasm can continue the activities of life.

What we mean here is the problem of being tired quicklyor even of having so little energy that we are at all cannot get going.

So it is about fatigue not directly related to physical or mental exertion.

This is of course not an optimal state of the body

The body produces energy

The metabolism (the metabolism) of our body takes care of the production of energy for all processes and all movement.

Metabolism = Metabolism =

  • Energy change - The whole of the biochemical processes that take place in living organisms.
  • Metabolism in the wider sense also includes breathing, in the narrower sense only breathing. conversion of nutrients.
Source: Dikke Van Dale
  • All movements, changes and actions of the body to convert food and nutrients into energy to stay alive.

Source: The Power of Your Metabolism by Frank Suarez

Metabolism comes from the Greek word metabolē = change.

Our metabolism includes thousands of different biochemical processes taking place simultaneously.

For an efficient metabolism, we need at least Need all nutrients which all biochemical processes in our body need.

No energy shortages

How could our bodies release enough energy when the biochemical processes of metabolism did not go well?

All biochemical processes can only run smoothly if all vitamins, minerals and trace elements present in sufficient quantities are.

One deficit can already ensure that many of these processes run optimally.

And those vitamins, minerals and trace elements form a closely collaborating team.

There are certainly other things besides deficiencies that can cause a person to become tired quickly, but it is often the case that The main problem is the lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

We can claim* that the vitamins, minerals and trace elements listed below are important for energy metabolism.

All these vitamins and minerals (and many more) can be found in the FreeChoice Formula:

  • Optimum Multivitamin
  • CalMag-drink
  • Possibly supplemented by additional Vitamin C

*These are only the health claims approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency). This claim may therefore only be made for these nutrients. 

The following nutrients* are important for energy metabolism:

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5'-phosphate)
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Vitamin C
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus


The FreeChoice Formula

Optimum Multivitamin & CalMag Drink

All 14 nutrients that ensure the 'normal functioning' of your energy metabolism are contained in Optimum Multivitamin and CalMag drink.

Along with many other essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are important for good health.

The Optimum Multivitamin, together with the CalMag drink, form the complete FreeChoice formula:

  • 16 Vitamins
  • 11 Minerals
  • All trace elements
  • Plus a number of other important additional nutrients.

All this in an optimal balance according to your body's natural needs.

It is a successful formula, which has proven itself experimentally for many years.

So you already have a complete supplement with the right number of tablets of Optimum Multivitamin in combination with 1 or 2 servings of CalMag.

The complete solution

It is important to take vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right balance as these nutrients need each other to function optimally.

They work together in our body as a close team.

The balance is the same for everyone because the biochemical factory that is our body works pretty much the same for everyone.

The amount we need does vary from person to person and depends on age, condition and size of the body and what we demand of our body, both physically and mentally.

If you use the Free Choice formula in combination with a healthy diet, sufficient water and exercise, you should be able to experience a qualitative improvement.

Extra Vitamin C

For many people, the Multivitamin together with the CalMag drink already contains enough vitamin C.

However, you may need additional vitamin C in addition to Free Choice Formula to ensure you get the right daily amount for you. 


FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

120 tablets
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

180 tablets
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - coated
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - uncoated
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

CalMag drink

30 portions
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Vitamin C1000

240 tablets
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

De verborgen waarheid over vitaminen & mineralen


FreeChoice Multi Greens Shake

Multi Greens Shake

30 portions
FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Collagen drink

30 portions
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

MagiKal Drankje

30 portions
FreeChoice - D3 2000IU - 120caps

Vitamin D3

2000 IU - 120 capsules
FreeChoice D3 800 IU - 480 chewable tablets

Vitamin D3

800 IU - 480 chewable tablets
FreeChoice - Omega3 - 60 softgels

Omega-3 EPA & DHA

60 capsules
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Triple C

240 capsules

Multivitamin 4KIDS -

240 Chewing Tablets


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