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Are we losing sight of our Human Rights?

Source: https://youthforhumanrights.nl/

The history of human rights in pictures

Fundamental rights

Retrieved from 10 December 1948 The United Nations General Assembly has adopted the Universal* Declaration of Human Rights drafted.

193 countries have therefore endorsed these fundamental human rights.

They are fundamental rights and freedoms that apply always and everywhere.

The Universal Declaration became shortly after the second world war drafted.

After two horrific world wars a way was sought to ensure that such a thing could never happen again.

People sought ways to strengthen international peace and protect citizens from crimes of their own government.

These rights apply for every human being everywhere in the world, regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, and yes, therefore, to your freedom of thought for your medical choice regarding vaccinations.

As you know, we are committed to a free choice regarding our health (Free Choice for Your Health), as a fundamental right for everyone!

Universalall over the world, in everyone, everywhere, relating to everyone....

Are our rights worth less?

With few people are these basic rights known, because we have felt free and safe for a very long time.

But in the current so-called pandemic, even in the Western free countries these rights are fast becoming obsolete:

  • Discrimination of a section of the population that deliberately chooses not to be vaccinated for sound reasons.
  • No right to privacy Regarding medical records, you have to show your vaccination status in many places.
  • By law, we should all be equal, but unvaccinated people have fewer rights today than other people.
  • We have no freedom to just go where we please and are subject to lockdowns, entry tickets and all kinds of other restrictive government regulations.
  • Censorship undermining freedom of thought and freedom to hold and express opinions. Even experts who disagree with government policies are taken off the social media and are not allowed to talk on radio and television
  • Our right to meet each other, whenever we want, is under great pressure.
  • The Dutch government, which has been outgoing for more than a year, takes unprecedented measures restricting freedom without informing the peoplewhich is a violation of the right to democracy.
  • People have right to exercise their professionbut the QR tyranny puts this law under severe pressure.
  • Also the right to education is under pressure because access to schools and universities is threatened by QR codes.
  • We seem to be slowly drifting away from a fair and free world.


Everyone should know them

In total, there are 30 human rights.

193 countries agreed to teach these human rights in schools all over the world, so that everyone would know human rights.

The starting point was that if everyone knew their rights, and stood up for their own rights and those of others, there would be less chance of conflict and war would ensue.

But now we seem to be entering a period where our fundamental rights are slowly but surely being pushed aside become.

Therefore we share below all human rights so that we are all fully aware of our rights and freedoms once again that 193 countries have agreed upon.

Let us remind each other and all the rulers of the country that this is our human rights are, so that the current policy is undone. 

Via the link below you can access the Universal Declaration of Human Rights read on the United Nations website.

We have included here a simplified and abridged version of the Declaration of Human Rights, together with short videos, as prepared and developed by the Youth for Human Rights Foundation*:

1. We are all born free and equal

We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated equally.

2. Do not discriminate

These rights apply to everyone, regardless of our differences.

3. The right to life

We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and security.

4. No slavery

No one has the right to enslave us. We must not force anyone into slavery.

5. No torture

No one has the right to hurt or torture us.

6. You have rights wherever you go

I am a person, just like you!

7. We are all equal before the law

The law is equal for all. The law must treat us all fairly.

8. The law protects your human rights

We can all appeal to the legal system when we are not treated fairly.

9. No unfair imprisonment

No one has the right to arrest and imprison us without good reason, or to expel us from the country.

10. The right to a trial

The law is equal for all. The law must treat us all fairly.

11. We are innocent unless proven guilty

If we are to be tried, it must be in public. The people who try us must not allow themselves to be influenced by others as to the course of justice.

12. The right to privacy

No one should try to damage our good name. No one has the right to just enter our house, open our letters, or harass us and our family without a good reason.

13. Freedom to go wherever you want

We all have the right to go wherever we want in our own country and to travel at will.

14. The right to a safe place to live

If we are afraid of being treated badly in our own country, we all have the right to flee to another country where we will be safe. No one has the right to arrest and imprison us without good reason, or to expel us from the country.

15. Right to nationality

We all have the right to belong to a country.

16. Marriage and family

Every adult has the right to marry and start a family if he or she so wishes. Men and women have the same rights, whether they are married or not.

17. The right to property

Everyone has the right to own or share things. No one is allowed to take things from us without a good reason.

18. Freedom of thought

We all have the right to believe what we want to believe, to have a religion, or to change religion if we want to.

19. Freedom to express yourself

We all have the right to make our own decisions, to have our own opinions, to express our opinions and to share our ideas with others.We all have the right to belong to a country.

20. The right to meet in public

We all have the right to meet our friends and to work together in peace to defend our rights. No one can force us to belong to a group if we do not want to.

21. The right to democracy

We all have the right to participate in the government of our country. Every adult should have the right to choose their government leaders.

22. Social security

We all have the right to affordable shelter, medicine, education, child care, enough money to live on and medical care when we are old or sick.

23. The right to work

Every adult has the right to exercise a profession, for a reasonable wage, and to be a member of a trade union.

24. The right to play

We all have the right to rest after work and relax.

25. Food and shelter for all

We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, the elderly, the unemployed or the disabled, all people have the right to be taken care of.

26. The right to education

Education is a right. Basic education should be free. We should learn about the United Nations and how to deal with other people. Our parents should be free to choose their child's education.

27. Copyright

Copyright is a special law protecting a person's artistic creations and what they have written; others may not copy your creations without your permission. We all have the right to our own way of life and to enjoy the beautiful things that art, science and education bring us.

Source: https://youthforhumanrights.nl/



* The Youth for Human Rights Foundation Netherlands was established in 2006. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation, is secular in nature and has an idealistic objective. YFHR International was founded by Dr. Mary Shuttleworth in 2001 with the mission to promote human rights worldwide. There are now over 100 subsidiary organisations of YFHR International operating worldwide.

28. A fair and free world

Good order should prevail so that we can all have our rights and freedoms in our country and throughout the world.

29. Responsibility

We have a duty to other people and must also protect their rights and freedoms.

30. Nobody can take your human rights away from you

Nobody can take your human rights away from you.

YFHR International has made a short video of each of the 30 human rights. In the Netherlands, the premiere of some of these videos took place in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More and more schools are realising the value of this new educational material. Each organisation determines its own policy but uses the materials of YFHR International and carries its logo.


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