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Does the vaccination campaign comply with the Nuremberg Code?

Informed Consent

The Nuremberg Code

The Code of Nuremberg is a list of 10 points medical experiments should meet.

The Code came out of the Nuremberg trials, after the end of the Second World War.

After exposing the horrific Nazi experiments on people, the War Crimes Board This Code was drawn up in 1947 to prevent scientists from ever making mistakes again.

This code is accepted worldwidealso through the Netherlands and Belgium.

The code has formed the basis of the Dutch Medical Research Act with people (WMO).

The 10 points of the Code should ensure that Experiments are always carried out according to ethical rules be carried out.

So these 10 points must be reflected in every medical examination.

The Code & the Covid19 prick

n this newsletter we run the ten points of the Nuremberg Code by.

For each point, we give the arguments why they are in favour of the COVID19 vaccination campaign located at have not complied with this code.

It is clear that the COVID19 vaccinations are an experiment:

  1. The mRNA technology is being used for the first time for vaccines and is thus brand new. According to the definition, these injections are not even vaccines.
  2. The vaccines were developed in record time and not sufficiently tested before mass vaccinations started. Normally, the development of a vaccine takes 10 to 15 years.
  3. The four vaccines that are allowed to be used have so far only a 'CONDITIONAL MARKETING AUTHORISATION'*. So there is still not an approved product as is normally required before medicines can be sold.
  4. Experimenting with 2 injections and now even with 3 (boosters)
  5. Experimenting with the combination of different brands injections.
  6. Experimenting with the injection of children has started.
  7. The long-term side effects are completely unknown at this time.

    * CONDITIONAL MARKETING AUTHORISATION: Conditional approval for placing on the market. 

Source: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/human-regulatory/overview/public-health-threats/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/treatments-vaccines/vaccines-covid-19/covid-19-vaccines-authorised#covid-19-vaccines-section

We can therefore conclude that the Nuremberg Code is fully applicable to vaccinations.

This is confirmed by all the ongoing clinical studies of which still the results not yet known are.

The Code per item

# 1

"The voluntary consent of the test subject is absolutely necessary.

This means that the person concerned must be legally empowered to give consent; must be able to free choice to make without the intervention of any violence, fraud, deception, or any other form of restraint or coercionand must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject in question so that he or she is able to provide a reasoned choice to make.

The latter requires that before the test subject can make his or her choice, what the nature, duration and purpose of the experiment is; the method and means with which it is implemented is; all to possible foreseeable inconveniences and risksand the effects on health Whether the person himself who might take part in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility to be able to determine whether Whether or not such permission is appropriate lies with the person initiating, directing or participating in the experiment.

This is a personal duty and responsibility that cannot be transferred to another with impunity."

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • It will be insufficiently clear made it clear that this was an experimental vaccine.
  • People receive in advance little knowledge and understanding of how these vaccines work and, above all, one-sided information. 
  • The nature, duration and purpose of the experiment shall not be stated.
  • There is no or insufficient information about possible health risks (see under #2 the numbers of deaths and adverse reactions).
  • There is coercion through the mandatory use of QR codes.
  • Coercion by discriminating against unvaccinated people.
  • Deception by censuring scientists with an opinion different from that of the government.
  • Very little information on the chemicals in the vaccines and their operation.
  • Vaccination as the only solution proposed.
  • There are no alternatives proposed such as a healthy lifestyle, varied healthy diet, vitamins and nutritional supplements or alternative medicine.

# 2

The experiment should useful results benefit society and may no unnecessary damage cause harm to the test subjects.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • The symptoms that the virus can induce for which the vaccine is intended are similar to that of influenza. The question is therefore whether the results can be considered useful.
  • There is for the Most age groups are not at serious risk of COVID19 infection at all (See survival rate of COVID19 infection for the different age groups as reported by the CDC in America).
  • There is massive damage, about which the participants not informed become:
    • 24.5 million vaccines set
    • In total 169.804 reports with 440.266 side effects
    • Of these 4056 serious
    • 577 deaths
  • Below is an overview of the data from America as of 26 November from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

Source: https://www.lareb.nl/coronameldingen#/content/content/edit/1453?mculture=nl-NL

Source: https://openvaers.com/covid-data

# 3

The experiment on test subjects must are based on the results of animal experiments carried out and on the natural history of the knowledge of the disease or problem.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • There was no time for animal testing for the application to humans.
  • There is immediately started to apply the experimental vaccine to humans.
  • Vaccine manufacturers were given permission to conduct the dietary tests in parallel with the tests on humans.

# 4

The experiment must be conducted in such a way that all unnecessary physical and mental suffering is avoided.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • See # 2 for numbers (serious) side effects and deaths.

# 5

If, prior to the experiment, it is expected that the experiment may lead to death, injury or disabilitythen the experiment shall not be carried out.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • Given the (serious) side effects and deaths would be on the basis of # 5 the vaccination experiment should not be carried out.
  • Given the results, according to the Nuremberg Code, vaccinations should be discontinued with immediate effect have to be.

# 6

The risk taken with the conduct of the experiment may be not be greater than the problem that should solve the experiment

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • We have already discussed the very favourable survival rates show by age group.
  • This shows that the survival rates for most age groups almost 100% is.
  • The severity of symptoms is similar to the symptoms of a severe flu.
  • Every year, people also die of a flu infection.
  • The risks of the experiment (see adverse reactions and deaths under #2) are much bigger than the problem.

# 7

There must be preparations and facilities be offered, in order to make the protect subjects from potential injury, disability or death.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • Despite the many (serious) side effects and deaths, vaccinations continue to be administered.
  • Instead of stopping, vaccinations are being extended:
    Booster now required for QR code
    Children are vaccinated

# 8

The experiments may only be carried out by scientifically qualified persons.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • Many experts are excluded and even censored.
  • Due to mass vaccination, many employees who are not scientifically qualified are hired to carry it out.

# 9

During the process of the experiment, the test subject his participation in the terminate experiment if he or she finds it impossible to continue the experiment.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • Under # 1 it was already mentioned that people are under pressure to be vaccinated.
  • Many people do not want to take the booster, but then their QR code will expire.

# 10

At each stage of the experiment, the responsible scientist be prepared to discontinue the experiment.

But the same applies to vaccines:

  • Because of the huge political interests involved in the massive experiment, there is no indication that the experiment will be stopped.
  • The question even arises whether any parties are prepared at all to abandon the experiment.


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