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Why a cost-benefit analysis of healthcare is necessary

Health care: € 106 Billion in 2019

In 2019, all of us in the Netherlands will have 106 billion spent on our healthcare.

That is about 13% of what we all earn (the gross domestic product)

In other words, of every euro we earn together, 13 cents is spent on care.

And all analyses show that the expenditure will increase further in the coming years.

It is even said that the healthcare unaffordable becomes. 

Source: CBS, https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/cijfers/detail/84047NED?dl=272E

So we spend a lot of money on 'health'.

Many would not even have a problem if this investment led to a the best possible health for the maximum number of Dutch people.

We often say 'Health is our greatest asset‘.

And of course it is!

Health is the basis for happiness, productivity, pleasure and personal, professional and spiritual development.

If you are healthy you have a thousand wishes, sick people have only one..."

But are we really that healthy?

However, despite these huge investments in health care, we are massively ill to be.

According to the statistics of publichealthcare.info (from the RIVM*), the 57% of the Netherlands one or more chronic conditions.

So only 43% is healthy!

So a minority (43%) of people today can still say that they are fully healthy are.

* RIVM = National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

And the percentage of sick people is shockingly highRIVM statistics also show that this percentage is only increasing.

For example, in 2014 still "only 49% of the people one or more chronic conditions, by 2019, this had increased to 57%.

So out of every 10 people, 6 are sick

The older the unhealthier?

Furthermore, the statistics show that the older we get, the greater the risk of chronic diseases.

We all want to grow old, but the prospects of growing old are anything but favourable at present.

Growing old apparently goes hand in hand with a deterioration of our quality of life.    

The figures from 2019 show that as many as 95% of people over 75 years old have one or more chronic diseases has. 

It seems that we have resigned ourselves to this.

The 'New Normal

There is currently a lot of talk about 'the new normal'. 

But for our health, it seems as if we are now a new normal accepted have.

In addition, it seems that we have come to regard these huge numbers of sick people as normal.

As a result, there is almost no attention for this problem.

But is that right?

Scientific research shows that our body is capable of being healthy for a lifetime to be.

Many of the conditions are related to how we treat our bodies and our lifestyle.

Health care' must be changed

We give spending more and more money while the results are getting less and less.

There should be within any right-thinking organisation or company strong intervention become.

Spending more money on something that is constantly deteriorating is insane.

It is clear that there is something structurally wrong with the way we as a society view health.

The statistics show that our 'health care' must be changed.

Take matters into your own hands

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to wait for the government to come up with a solution.

The current 'crisis' shows once again that the government does not analyse and act rationally.

Therefore, it is important that you taking matters into their own hands takes.

It is important that you gain knowledge of how your body works and what it takes to get and keep the body in good shape.

What to do?

To easily create a good basic knowledge about how your body works and how to live a better life, we recommend The book "The Power of Your Metabolism*". from Frank Suarez.

This book explains in a very simple way how the body works and How to apply this knowledge quickly.

In order to achieve optimal health, it is essential to ensure that your body get all the nutrients in the right balance and quantity.

* Metabolism


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