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Why the word supplement can lead you astray

An incomplete definition

Let us look at the word 'supplement:

Supplement = supplement (especially to a newspaper or book)*.

Supplement = which serves to supplement, added part*.

Replenishment = supplementation*.

Originating from Latin supplementum, from supplere = to fill, to complete, from sub- = from below + plere = fill.

Food supplement = preparation used to supplement possible deficiencies in the diet*.

But is this a correct and complete definition?

* The Fat Man

Correct definition

Our diet should provide all essential nutrients in sufficient quantities.

Daily, for example at least:

  • approximately 40 mg vitamin C per kilogram body weight
  • 400 IU vitamin E
  • 3000 IU vitamin D
  • 1500 mg of calcium, 
  • enough proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, different kinds of minerals, 
  • etc.

It is important to provide our bodies with all the essential nutrients, taking care for have provided the minimum quantity of each nutrient.

The So taking in the right amounts of nutrients is not a supplement of our eating habits, but would a integral part of it should be to prevent shortages.

A better definition for dietary supplement would therefore be:

Food supplement = preparation is used to achieve a complete composition, together with the diet, of all the essential nutrients our body needs.

Essential = not synthesised by the organism, for which they are indispensable

So essential = necessary.

Optimal compilation

It is therefore not about supplementing deficitsbut about the optimal composition of the diet.

The people who have understood this make sure that they get the right nutrients in the right proportions and amounts get in.

So they don't extend their diet with supplements, but make sure that they do. an integral part of his.

It is therefore not a supplement, but The clever composition of the daily diet, to get all the essential nutrients the body needs.

Vitamin C as an example

Let us look at vitamin C.

Through our diet, we get about 80 milligrams.

According to the modern scientific vision there would be a lot more to come:

  • For someone weighing 50 kilograms, that would be 2,000 mg should be .
  • 70 kilograms almost 3,000 mg (2,800 milligrams)
  • 100 kilograms 4,000 mg.

So at 70 kg: 3000 - 80 = 2920 mg.

This is a supplement of 2,920 milligrams to the 80 milligrams of vitamin C provided through the diet comes in.

So we should turn this around: the 80 mg from the diet is the supplement to the 2,920 mg.

Thus, we take 400 IU vitamin E and get there with our daily diet another 10 to 20 IU at.

If we don't think like that, we live in an upside-down world.

Shortages cause destruction

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and the other essential nutrients are no less important than water and air.

Without air, we can only live for a few minutes.

Without water, we can only survive a few days.

Deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and trace elements help us survive longer.

But deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other essential nutrients cause destruction in a much less conspicuous way.

But it certainly causes destruction; slowly and hardly noticeably.

A complete diet

It would not be a good idea to change your eating habits a little here and there.

What you need is a complete diet that has been put together very consciously.

Sufficient water and fresh air are, of course, part of it.

As well as nutritious and varied diet.

But also a conscious, daily intake of vitamins, minerals, trace elementsand other essential nutrients must be part of it.

Your body will thank you.

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