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Why fighting symptoms does not cure disease

Suppressing symptoms

Regular medicine works mainly on the basis of suppression of symptoms.

They do not look for the cause of a disease.

  • If you have pain, you get a painkiller.
  • In case of respiratory problems such as asthma, a puffer with airway dilators prescribed.
  • Restlessness and nevrosity are tackled with a sedative.
  • If life gets tough, you'll be able to get antidepressants
  • People who cannot sleep get a sleeping pill.
  • If you can't do it on the toilet, you get a laxative.
  • If you have type 2 diabetes, you get blood glucose medication and insulin.
  • A person with arteriosclerosis is treated by the cardiologist with medicinesstentsDoppler or receives a bypass operation.
  • When people get sick from a virus, they want everyone to have a vaccination gets.

And there are many other examples to be given

Numerous chronically ill people

It is obvious that if you don't treat a disease at its cause, the disease will continue to exist and people remain chronically ill.

This also explains the huge number of chronically ill people in the Netherlands.

9.9 million people have (these are figures as at 1 January 2019) one or more chronic conditions. 

This amounts to 57% of the whole population.

So a minority (43%) of people today can still say that they are fully healthy are.  

Large quantities of medicines

If underlying problems are not found and therefore not remedied, people remain ill.

It is possible that a drug may bring some relief, but the cause remains and so does the disease.

This is the main reason why there are so many medicines be used.

The figures of the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics do not lie:

  • There are no less than 4 million people who blood thinners take.
  • 1.5 million people use medicines for asthma / COPD
  • 0.8 million people receive medication for their diabetes
  • And for severe pain get 1.0 million Dutch people heavy on painkillers

And this is far from everything. 

Below are the top 10 medicines with the most users.

In this list we also find antacids (at number 1 and 3, together 2.5 million users), antibioticsanti-inflammatories and medicines against osteoporosis and eczema.

This concerns all of which are medicines used by approximately 1 million people each become.

For healing, tackle the cause

The only way to cure someone is to find the underlying cause and deal with it.

If your car does not run, you demand that the garage finds the cause and fixes it.

If the stand of a football stadium collapses, we demand a thorough investigation to find out the cause.

If a bridge collapses, engineers are supposed to find out what caused it. 

Only with our body we apparently state other requirements

Our bodies may use a remedy that will make us suffer less, even if the condition remains for life exist.

Why don't we demand that the cause of our bodies be examined and treated?

Why do we accept all these medicines that so obviously do not do their job?

The cause turned out to be a shortage

But what then? 

We know that we can become ill from a lack of nutrients, such as vitamins.  

We may even die from it. 

An example is the deadly condition called scurvy.

People have been looking for a medical treatment for centuries. 

It was especially seen in earlier centuries among sailors who spent long periods at sea; hence the name 'sailor's disease‘.

A whole range of causes were hypothesised, but no solution was ever found. 

The answer was too simple.

There was nothing that caused scurvy. 

It was an absence of something that caused it.

And in the case of scurvy that was vitamin C.

Diseases caused by deficiencies

So you can die from a vitamin deficiency.

Many of the conditions that humans suffer from are related to deficiencies.

Nutrients such as vitamins are essential in all biochemical processes of the body. 

When there is only one deficit is able to processes are already jammed.

And if that goes on for too long, the body starts to malfunction.

If the main cause of a condition is a deficiency, it follows that prevention and cure quite simple are. 

After all, no shortage means no disease

Why doesn't the doctor look at deficits?

Doctors receive a very one-sided education and are taught to think in a different way.

Deficiencies as a cause of illness is not part of their training.

And this is something very difficult for doctors to face.

During their studies, medical students do learn about scurvy*, beri-beri** and the English disease (Rachitis)***.

But these are extreme cases of shortages of respectively vitamin Cvitamin B1 and vitamin D.

It is not explained to them that between a healthy body without deficiencies and these serious conditions many gradients sit.

And then there are many more physical situations that can be caused by other deficits and combinations of deficits.

It is safe to say that the countless disorders that mankind suffers from are caused by deficiencies.

If deficiencies are a major physical cause of diseases, we can say that prevention fairly simple is.

If we prevent deficiencies, we prevent many illnesses.

* Scurvy = is a disease resulting from a prolonged vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency, which was common on sailing ships in the past centuries. 

** Beriberi = is a condition caused by vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency, with one form affecting the cardiovascular system and another manifesting with neurological symptoms. The name beriberi comes from Sinhalese (the main language of Sri Lanka) and means "severe weakness". 

*** Rachitis or English disease is a bone disease caused by vitamin D and calcium deficiency. The disease is particularly common in children in their earliest years. Adequate exposure to sunlight prevents rickets by ensuring the production of sufficient vitamin D. 


Prevention is better than cure

You can eliminate and prevent these deficiencies very easily with the help of a well-balanced multivitamin, additional calcium and magnesium and additional vitamin C.

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