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Why you can just enjoy salt


Is salt consumption bad?

This is the third newsletter in which we consider the importance of salt.

We are often led to believe that salt (Sodium chloride or NaCl) would be bad for us.

But is this really true?

We are going to look at how salt is processed in the kidneys.

How much salt is in our body?

In the body of a 70-kilogram person, there is about 250 grams of salt.

This salt is dissolved in water.

The basis of the human body is salt water.

It is as salty as sea water.

How is it then that salt could be harmful to the body??

The functioning of the kidneys

The kidneys are very important organs for us.

So important, in fact, that our body has two, a on each side of the body.

The blood enters the kidneys via the renal artery, which then distributes the blood to the kidneys via thousands of branches. small water treatment plants brings.

These are located in the outer part of the kidney, the kidney cortex called.

The treatment plants all work independently.

It is then purified blood through thousands of tiny veins the blood circulation again of the body.

Other small tubes provide the elimination of the waste products contained in the urine.

This urine from all these channels comes together in the renal pelvis.

From this basin, the ureters that the urine to the urinary bladder bring.

How do the kidneys filter?

As mentioned above, the salt dissolved in the water in the body.

So the salt goes by the treatment plants and ends up in the urine.

But it salt does not pass through the ureters into the bladder and the body out.

The salt that passes through the purification plants is then processed to the extent that the body needs it, reinstated.

So the body does not filter from the blood what it needs to saltbut initially removes everythingand then takes back what it needs.

All the salt gone in just 4 hours

The filtering and removal of the salt takes place so intensively that the body 250 grams of salt in four hours time.

So if the body would not absorb the salt back, it would quickly run out.

Thus, we would one and a half kilos of salt every 24 hours get rid of them.

As a result, we would soon fall into a coma and die.

But fortunately the body reabsorbs all the salt which was removed through the kidneys.

So every 24 hours about one and a half kilos of salt.

So the body's challenge is not to get rid of the salt, but to not lose it..

Dangers of salt deficiency

However, the reabsorption of the salt into the body happens not complete.

The body always loses some salt.

We are often warned about too much salt.

The only thing we can suffer from is a salt deficiency. And salt deficiency can lead to many symptoms lead and even dangerous are for the body.

Physiological saline solution

When dehydrated in hospital, for example after an operation, a patient receives an infusion of physiological saline solution administered. 

The patient thus receives salt administered dissolved in water.

So salt cannot be so dangerous when they administer it to an already weakened patient.

physiological saline solution is a solution of 0.9% NaCl (9 grams of salt per litre) in water.

One takes this concentration because it corresponds exactly to the salt concentration in the body tissues.

Animals such as deer get a saltstone (enriched with other minerals), which they can eat without restriction.

They can Unlimited salt at will food.

Moreover, it is stressed by veterinary medicine that this is essential for the health of the animals.

These animals do not get high blood pressure.

And this while humans are advised to stay away from remain.

This is contradictory.

Salt is essential for health

Of course, the our body as well as animals, just need salt in the diet.

Now that you know the mechanism of the salt processing in the kidneysyou will also understand that we can never have too much.

Salt is also essential to our health.

Wars have not been fought over salt for nothing.

So feel free to put salt on your food!

Balanced with Potassium and Magnesium

What is important here, however, is that we also sufficient potassium and magnesium in our bodies.

If we sufficient potassium in our bodies and ingested in the diet (such as in fruit and vegetables), then you can take salt without any worries.

Sodium (salt) and Potassium together play a crucial role in the health of our cells and thus of our bodies.

Sodium is mainly present outside the cellswhile potassium correct in the cells sit.

And magnesium is important to ensure that the potassium stays in the cell and sodium stays out.

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