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Why you need more vitamins than the RDA*

* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

Recommended Daily Allowances

On every supplement pack you will find a recommended daily amount (= RDA).

It is mandatory for manufacturers to state this RDA on all vitamin and mineral jars.

But where does this ADH come from?

It is a system of recommendations that originate from the pharmaceutical industry.

The big pharmaceutical industries are exerting pressure to restrict vitamins.

The aim was to very low doses to be adopted.

The pharmaceutical industry is the only industry that benefits from people who accumulate vitamin deficiencies.

Only just enough

The doses recommended by the ADH system are only just enough to keep the body from collapsing.

These quantities are significantly lower than the amounts required for the body and all biochemical processes to work smoothly and properly.

To be healthy our body needs a multiple of the doses of the Recommended Daily Allowances.

And this applies to all vitamins and minerals.

But in the meantime, the Recommended Daily Allowances are generally accepted.

The pharmaceutical industry has therefore managed to ensure that we now massively take into account the Recommended Daily Allowances.

Too high a dose

This led to products containing more vitamins than indicated in the RDA being regarded as '.too high a dosage‘. 

So the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in making all products which do contain sufficient quantities of vitamins contain as 'over-dosed' products.

Doctors too were trained to think this way and advise their patients accordingly. 

Example: Vitamin C

But there is no scientific basis for the Recommended Daily Allowance. 

We take Vitamin C as an example. 

The The Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin C is 70 mg..

But 70 mg of Vitamin C is only just enough not to develop scurvy

Contrast this with our recommendation of 40 mg per kilogram of body weightor in other words:

  • at a body weight of 50 kg: 1,500 mg per day
  • at a body weight of 70 kg: 2,100 mg per day
  • at a body weight of 90 kg: 3,600 mg per day


The man does not make vitamin C on.

This handicap is shared by humans with great apesguinea pigs, bats, bony fish and certain songbirds.

Plants and most vertebrates are, on the other hand, able to make their own vitamin C to create.

Goatsfor example, do produce vitamin C.

Converted to a human body weight of 70 kg, a goat produces some 13 to 14 grams of vitamin C per day.

That is 14/0.08 = 175 times more than what is recommended for humans in the RDA.

The guinea pig is one of the animals that are themselves, like humans, does not produce vitamin C.

And because people guinea pigs have as pets, it is important to know How much Vitamin C they need on a daily basis.

The Veterinarian recommends 40 to 80 mg vitamin C per day to the guinea pig, whereas a guinea pig weighs around one kilo.

So that is 40 to 80 mg per kilogram of body weight.

And the human According to the Recommended Daily Allowance 70 mg per day need.

With an average weight of 70 kg, that would therefore be 1 mg per kilogram of body weight.

It is clear that there are something is not right!

Man has, of course, also much larger quantities of vitamin C are required.

Man also has minimum 40 mg Vitamin C per kilogram of body weight necessary.


What applies to the RDA of vitamin C applies to the RDA of all other vitamins.

The Recommended Daily Allowances have not been scientifically produced, but have the aim of deceiving us.

The Recommended Daily Allowances are simply too low.

That is why it is wise to use the Further disregard ADH.

However, it is important to vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right balance to take.

And when you take vitamins and minerals in the right balance, you can without any problem Increase quantity gradually.

Just take more as long as it improves.

At the right amount for your body you feel significantly more energy within a few days or a few weeks at the most.

In any case, ignore the Recommended Daily Allowance in this search.

For more information, you can Contact our FreeChoice consultants.

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