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Why are vitamins the best doping for elite athletes?

The right approach

For a top athlete, a optimal mental and physical condition of the utmost importance.

For the best performance they demand the maximum of their bodies.

The correct approach helps to ensure the best possible performance.

What is the best way to deliver a top physical performance?

Doping* unnecessary and harmful

Unfortunately, there are top athletes who choose doping to maximise physical performance.

Doping is not only illegal but often extremely harmful for the body.

In doing so, it leads to unsportsmanlike competition.

Within a sport, doping can a negative spiral as athletes feel compelled to take drugs in order to remain competitive.

However, doping is a unethical way to enforce this kind of performance.

Any victory will therefore always come from a lie continue to exist.

The The price that these athletes ultimately pay is often enormous.both in the area of sports and in that of regrets

Doping is the administration of stimulants in order to achieve higher performance. 
A substance that temporarily increases the performance of humans or animals and whose use in sport is therefore unregulated.

Source: Van Dale

The word doping is derived from a 17th century Dutch word for thick sauce, doop. This word was used by Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam to describe a stimulating sauce given to them by local Indians. English settlers adopted the word, and from the end of the 19th century it was also used in American English to refer to semi-liquid opium. Since then, dope and doping refer to prohibited stimulants or narcotics.

Source: Wikipedia [https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doping

Much better performance with vitamins

Top athletes can use their greatly improve performance by providing optimal support for their bodies.

Basic knowledge about the body is very important. 

right lifestyle with natural nutrients The body can extraordinary inborn capacities return.

With those capabilities, a top athlete can the best possible performance deliver.

In addition to a varied and healthy diet, sufficient water and a good night's sleep, are sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements are crucial

In doing so, the optimum balance of these nutrients is important.

Because the body is used so intensively, top athletes also need to have the right quantities essential.

This quantities are often higher than most athletes suspect. 

This of course applies also for youbecause at every level, the right support is a prerequisite for a healthy body and the best possible performance.

You have every reason to believe in the power of nature and in the innate capabilities of your body.

Also with completely harmless means you can achieve excellent sports performance.

Source: Dutch Athletics Union, NK Indoor Seniors 2022 - Day 2 - Running Parts


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