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What role does collagen play in your mobility?


Firmness & Elasticity

Collagen is the most common protein in our bodies. 

Circa one-third (30 to 40%) of all protein in our body is collagen.

It has many important functions and is found in all tissues that are sturdy and elastic should be.

Collagen fibres are very strong and can withstand enormous forces.

Protein = Protein. Chains of amino acids that are an essential substance in all living organisms. Approximately 20% of the mass of our body. Derived from Greek protos (of utmost importance, or of first quality).

* Collagen = Most abundant protein in the body; responsible for flexibility and firmness, as in skin, blood vessels, bones, teeth, joints, tendons, intervertebral discs, etc. Derived from Kolla(glue) and -gene (born, become).

More collagen, greater load capacity

Young, sporty and flexible people have the highest amount of collagen in their bodies.

This can be as much as some 7% of the body.

The more collagen in the body the greater the strength and load-bearing capacity.

The elasticity will also be greater because high quality collagen provides good hydration.

The quantity and quality of collagen therefore determine to a large extent our health.

When the body is not in good condition, collagen levels may have dropped to around 4-5 %.

The body is then weak, wrinkled, inflexible and appears old.

It is therefore particularly important for sportsmen and women to have the maintain the quantity and quality of collagen in the body to keep.

Bone tissue

Bones contain a lot of lime.

Lime provides the hardness of bones (and teeth).

The main component of lime is calcium.

But the basis of the bones is a Unbreakable network of collagen fibres, which ensures the flexibility of the bones.

The lime is captured in this network of collagen.

If the quantity and quality of collagen are reduced, decrease the flexibility and strength of bones and teeth, which therefore weak and fragile can become.


Joints consist of bone, cartilage, ligaments and joint capsules

All these parts of the joints consist largely of collagen.

The flexibility and strength of all the cartilage in our bodies is guaranteed by collagen.

The joint surfaces move in relation to each other and the smooth surfaces of the cartilage, on both sides of the joint, ensure that there is virtually no friction is.

And the cartilage is also responsible for the shock absorption during normal movement and violent shocks.

Also the ligaments and joint capsules contain a lot of collagen.

When the quantity and quality of collagen is reduced, joints can become more easily sprain and bruise, ligaments and capsules can be more easily cracks.

Ultimately, too little (quality) collagen will also lead to creaking, aching and malfunctioning joints.


The tendons connect the bones to the muscles.

When muscles contract, the tendons ensure that the bone moves. move.

These tendons, too, are for their function heavily dependent on collagen.

When the tendons weaken, there is a greater risk of tearing. 


In the muscle itself is less collagen to be found.

But the muscle membranes ("fascia") covering muscle bundles are composed mainly of collagen.

These membranes also determine the firmness or the flaccidity of muscle and the whole body.

Intervertebral discs

The health of our intervertebral discs is dependent on collagen.

Hereby the quality of collagen to absorb moisture and holding on to them is of the utmost importance.

When the intervertebral discs are firm and flexible and contain sufficient moisture, they can endure a lot of taxes.

If the moisture content falls below a certain level, the intervertebral discs become weak and cannot fulfil their very important function.

They can then easily flattened due to the great weight they have to bear.

The elasticity and the load-bearing capacity of the back are reduced and problems such as backache and hernia can occur.

Each collagen molecule has a short lifespan of only a few weeks, after which it is broken down and re-created. 

Therefore, it is important to provide these building blocks in combination with sufficient vitamin C in order to obtain good quality collagen. 

Collagen drink contains 5,400 mg of collagen per serving. Because vitamin C is so important for the production of collagen of optimal quality, 1,100 mg per dose has been added. 

For collagen and vitamin C, we have chosen the highest quality and most effective nutrients. 

For collagen, we chose VERISOL-B®, which are small chains of collagen (peptide chains) cut by an enzymatic process (hydrolysis). 

These smaller peptide chains are well absorbed by the body. There is scientific evidence that VERISOL-B® has a beneficial effect on the skin. 

The vitamin C we have chosen is PureWay-C®, a patented formula of L-ascorbic acid with Bioflavonoids. 

Scientific research has shown that PureWayC® is absorbed and used better and faster.

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