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Who wouldn't want the Ministry of Health of the future?


Definition Public Health

Public Health = the health, the physical well-being of the people*.

The main purpose of the Ministry of Health would therefore a healthy people should be.

The policy should be fully focused on a increasing the health of the entire population.

* The Dutch dictionary

Public Health Budget

The budget available to the Ministry of Public Health for the caring for our health has now grown to EUR 116 billion

These healthcare expenditures have thus risen to 14.5 per cent of gross domestic product*.

Or 14.5% of what we all earn is issued in the Netherlands for the benefit of public health.

At the moment, the almost all of the budget used to treat sick people

But spending money on disease alone does not increase public health.

This has led to only more people with chronic diseases.

The fact that currently 57% of the inhabitants of the Netherlands one or more chronic diseases is reason to start working directly on the Ministry of Public Health of the Future.

Healthcare should be defined as follows**:

The desire and effort to be healthy and to keep one's health in good condition.

The Ministry of Health of the future would be the use huge budgets to achieve and then maintain a high standard of public health.

And with the health of the population restored, budgets can also be substantially reduced.

* Gross domestic product = the value of the total production within the country (source: De Dikke Van Dale)
** Current definition according to the Dikke van Dale is 'medical care and nursing', where medicine is defined as the science that deals with the nature and causes of diseases and with the means of curing diseases (= medicines)'*. See also our newsletter on the subject

New targets Public Health

On the basis of the definition of healthcare mentioned above, we can objectives formulating the The Ministry of Health of the future:

The main purpose is:

Optimal health for as many people as possible

And from this we can derive the sub-targets infer:

  • prevent that people get sick
  • as many people as possible who are ill recovering health

Future Health Ministry Policy

To achieve these objectives, the following points must be included in the policy:



  • The policy of the Ministry will fully transparent are for the population.
  • The good luck of the Ministry shall be determined on the basis of the increase in the number of healthy people and the decrease in the number of sick people.
  • A growing part of the budget goes to realising health while the budget for treating illness is decreasing.
  • Primary importance is given to the strengthen the body's natural health.
  • Every citizen receives and keeps the full freedom with regard to health and lifestyle choices.

Studying Medicine becomes Medicine

  • The study of medicine is converted into a study of medicinewhere lifestyle, nutrition, vitamins and alternative (complementary)  healing methods have a dominant role.
  • The primary aim of medical treatment is to full restoration of health.
  • Treatment of symptoms is subordinated to the treatment of the cause of illness and disease.
  • Medicines may only be used if all possible natural remedies and methods are ineffective should they prove to be.
  • A doctor acts as consultant and presents all options to his patients.
  • Doctors are trained to treat people advise on health and prevention.
  • Doctors cooperate and refer to therapists in alternative healing methods
  • The knowledge of alternative medicine be included in the study of medicine.
  • Alternative medicine courses are included in mainstream higher education and further supported and developed.

Rules for the food industry

  • The Food industry is being regulated in order to improve the quality of the diet to increase.
  • The use of sugar and other refined carbohydrates in food products and beverages restricted laid
  • The use of bad fats and other unhealthy industrial ingredients is banned.
  • The food industry must contribute to solving the problem of ov

Improve air and water quality

  • Improving air quality because clean air and sufficient oxygen are essential for a healthy body.
  • Improving the quality of drinking waterboth in terms of purity and vitality.  

Health knowledge in education

  • The breaking through ignorance of people about how their bodies work and what it takes to keep them healthy.
  • From primary school onwards knowledge of the body, health and nutrition become part of education.
  • Awareness that by applying the right lifestyle disease can largely be avoided.
  • Stimulating movement and sport for optimal health.
  • Attention to the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and mind.

Exclude industry influence

  • The ministry works independent of all commercial and industrial influences.
  • Directors and employees of the Ministry and of bodies that advise the Ministry, such as the Health Council of the Netherlands and the Lareb side effects centre, may have no links with the industry.
  • All Laws and regulations that have come about under the influence of industry, particularly in terms of suppressing natural health, vitamins, etc. lifted immediately.

Pharmaceutical industry restricted

  • The role and power of the pharmaceutical industry on the disease industry must broken through become.
  • This industry may no longer have any influence on the training of doctors.
  • The pharmaceutical industry may no promotion of medicines do.
  • Product efficacy studies of the pharmaceutical industry need to fully  carried out independently from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Prohibition of political lobbying.
  • Patent of medicines.
  • Breaking up the big companies to break monopoly power.
  • At deliberate violations leading to physical or mental harm must be the Directors concerned personally liable can be made. 

Restoring quality to agriculture

  • The Ministry of Health imposes quality requirements on agriculture.
  • All harmful chemicals be prohibited.
  • Full priority is given to the restoration of the soil of all agricultural land.
  • Large-scale introduction of biological and organic farming without the use of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers and other chemicals.

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