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Isn't it time to become a professional too?



Sport is healthy

Do you also like to sports?

Move and enjoy.

You may also exercise to improve your support physical and mental health.

After all, the body is built to move.

Best possible support

In order to perform optimally, it is important to have the body support in the best possible way.

You want to recover quickly of an effort and afterwards no burden Have muscle pains, cramps, aching joints.  

You want to be at your level having fun and performing well deliver.

It is good to look at how we can learn from top athletes

How does a top athlete distinguish himself?

Top athletes strive for the best possible performance.

Top athletes are very aware of their goals and set the bar as high as possible.

They make a training plan to be able to achieve their goal. 

By implementing this plan in a disciplined way they reach the top of their sport. 

A very important part of this is the nutrition and care of their bodies

What can we learn from top athletes

For top athletes, the Condition of the body of the utmost importance.

The body is the most important 'tool' for them for the achievement of their goals.

That is why they are often well informed about the extent to which they might suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

They know that shortages can destroy the condition of their bodies.

They do everything in their power to optimise energy production, flexibility, vitality, endurance and mental resilience.

She support the metabolism and the intensive breaking down and building up processes in their bodies to the maximum.

They know that they at least 15 types of vitamins, 8 minerals and all trace elements every day for it.

They know that it is essential to have these nutrients in an optimum balance as these nutrients need each other to function optimally

This balance is the same for everyone, because the biochemical factory that is our body works pretty much the same for everyone.

In addition the right amount of great importance for top athletes because they demand a lot from their bodies.

They take the quantities with which they maximum energy experienced.

They know that keeping their bodies in good condition the best investment is.

They know that the protecting, improving and developing health as an active activity is.

Koen Smet, 13 times Dutch Champion 110 metres Hurdles

It is a lifestyle

Maintaining their health is a top priority for an athlete. not a temporary cure, but a way of life.

They understand that the conscious and daily intake of all essential nutrients should be a natural part of lifejust like breathing, drinking water and eating.

Time for you to become a professional too!

Complete & Simple

By the Free Choice Formula with the Multivitamin Complete and the CalMag drink to be used, 

you easily get all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements you need in the optimum balance inside.

The right amount of the Multivitamin Complete together with 1 or 2 portions of CalMag; thus Simple is that!

You may still have some extra vitamin C but for most people the Multivitamin Compleet and the CalMag drink already contain enough.

The feedback we receive shows that this advice delivers results and is the right advice.

FreeChoice formula

FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

120 tablets
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

Multivitamin Complete

180 tablets
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - coated
Optimum Multivitamin - 240 tablets

Optimum Multivitamin

240 tablets - uncoated
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

CalMag drink

30 portions
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Vitamin C1000

240 tablets


FreeChoice Multi Greens Shake

Multi Greens Shake

30 portions
FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

Collagen drink

30 portions
FreeChoice Multi Compleet 180 tablets

Magical Drink

30 portions
FreeChoice - D3 2000IU - 120caps

Vitamin D3

2000 IU - 120 capsules
FreeChoice D3 800 IU - 480 chewable tablets

Vitamin D3

800 IU - 480 chewable tablets
FreeChoice - Omega3 - 60 softgels

Omega-3 EPA & DHA

60 capsules
Calcium Magnesium Drink with Vitamin C, D3 and K2

Triple C

240 capsules

Multivitamin 4KIDS -

240 Chewing Tablets


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FreeChoice - Multivitamin Complete - 120 tablets

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