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What is the real cause of excess cholesterol?

Cholesterol harmfulness only theory

For decades we have been told that cholesterol harmful is.

But the fact that cholesterol is harmful has been just a wrong assumption been.

This false assumption says that arteriosclerosis is caused by too much cholesterol in the blood.

This assumption is still valid today not proven

In the meantime, it is, without any proof, a compulsory mindset become.

A false truth that accepted by almost everyone is, even by the most doctors

Around this assumption a huge industry who has every interest in continuing to defend this way of thinking as truth.

In particular, the pharmaceutical industry with, among other things, cholesterol-lowering drugs and the food industry with all the low-cholesterol and low-fat products, have benefited enormously.   

Origin and promotion of this theory

The theory that cholesterol would increase the risk of cardiovascular disease was particularly by the study of Ancel Keys* promoted. 

His study 'The Seven Country Study' [= The Seven Countries Study] was published in 1953.

In this study, Keys concludes that eating fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It later emerged that the investigation into 22 countries went, but that Keys only the dates of 7 countries because it supported his hypothesis.

If the data of all 22 countries had been used, would never have come to the conclusion that eating fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So he has the data manipulated and used only those that supported his hypothesis.

With this, he has the entire medical world on the wrong track put.

Doctors, partly because of him, have for decades advised against eating fatty foods, entirely wrongly.

Many medical and clinical studies have long since refuted Keys' conclusions.

* Ancel Benjamin Keys (Colorado Springs, 2 January 1904 - Minneapolis, 20 November 2004) was an American scientist who studied the influence of nutrition on health. He is best known for his research into the influence of diet on cardiovascular disease. Keys was featured on the title page of Time in January 1961.

If this theory had been correct

If this theory were correctwe should now, many decades after its introduction, have seen an enormous improvement among the population.

But it the opposite is true.

The Battle against arteriosclerosis is still not won.

Arteriosclerosis is still a enormous problem.

Diseases attributed to high cholesterol (arteriosclerosis, heart attack, cerebral haemorrhageetc.) are only further increased.

Despite the low-fat and low-cholesterol diet, the problem of overweight and obesity has grown rapidly.

The increase in problems shows us that there is a other cause must be.

* Incidence = frequency of occurrence of something, especially frequency of occurrence of a particular disease. From Latin incidere = to happen, to happen to.

Wrong assumption completely refuted

It has now been scientifically proven that the theory is not correct

Dr Natasha Campbell sums it up nicely in the short video below. 

She indicates that science has already reached the following conclusions has come:

  • Cholesterol and animal fats have in the diet nothing to do with heart disease.
  • Low blood cholesterol is dangerous
  • People who are the consume most fat and cholesterol have the lowest incidence* of illness.
  • high cholesterol in the blood causes no heart disease or arteriosclerosis.
  • People with higher cholesterol live the longest and the healthiest lives.

Cholesterol is essential

When we delve into the subject of cholesterol, it is not long before the huge importance of this substance for our bodies.

It is even the case that without sufficient cholesterol the body simply breaks down.

Cholesterol is just as important as, for example, water and oxygen. 

It is in fact a basic substance that is essential for the structure and proper functioning of the body.

Our body uses cholesterol for all kinds of purposes:

  • Production of vitamin D
  • Production female and male sex hormones
  • Basic material for the production of stress hormones
  • Building material for our nervous system and in particular the brain
  • Cell walls consist largely of cholesterol
  • Etc.

It is therefore understandable that our bodies take no risk regarding cholesterol.

Most of the cholesterol in our body is produced by the liver

Causes of cholesterol imbalance

We can therefore state without any doubt that cholesterol not the problem is.

There are other mechanisms that cause cardiovascular problems.

But that does not change the fact that your cholesterol too high or out of balance can be.

Science has long the real cause overlooked.

They are non-fat and cholesterol that increase your cholesterol, but sugar and other refined carbohydrates*.

The consumption of refined carbohydrates is has actually increased enormously in recent decades.

Its consumption quickly results in a increase in blood sugar (= glucose).

An increase in blood sugar then causes the liver produces more 'bad' LDL and less 'good' HDL

In addition, a too much sugar ensure that there is a will be an increase in triglycerides (and type of fat found in blood).

It is mainly these triglycerides which are harmful can be for the body.

Furthermore, it will glucose surplus, the glucose that is not directly consumed, converted be in body fat.

In short, you can enjoy a tasty egg at Easter without any worries (but a little less of the chocolate eggs).  

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