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What is the role of patents in healthcare?

But many people have symptoms that could be related to a possible potassium deficiency:

  • Strong desires (cravings, addiction) to eating sweet foods or refined carbohydrates
  • Cramp in legs or hands
  • Muscle fatigue or some kind of depletion
  • Moisture accumulation with swelling of feet or fingers
  • The body becomes more acidic

We highlight in number of newsletters we are the crucial role and importance of potassium and magnesium illuminate. See via the link below the previous newsletter on this topic.

* Source: https://www.voedingscentrum.nl/encyclopedie/kalium.aspxKalium

Why is potassium vital?

Last month, we presented the MagiKal drink launched, a drink that is a combination of Magnesium and Potassium contains.

The key Role and importance of potassium is not yet very well known to many people.

Also the role of potassium deficiency are often underexposed as a result.

The Nutrition Centre says:

"A potassium deficiency due to low dietary intake is rare.

Potassium, water retention & energy

Potassium (Symbol K, in English 'Potassium), in combination with salt (Sodium chloride, NaCl), for the moisture management of the body.

Potassium deficiency will ensure that salt (in particular SodiumSymbol Na, in English Sodium)  will accumulate in the body.

The body will engulfed by saltwhich will then provide fluid accumulation and hypertension.

The accumulation of moisture occurs in the cells, causing The cells will swell.

As a result of the swelling of the cells, the stop metabolism, which provides energy for the body. 

Therefore, sufficient Potassium an important prerequisite for a good energy production in the body.  

However, when there is a shortage is of potassium our metabolism stagnation.

* K = Potassium; Na = Sodium, important mineral in salt. [Salt is NaCl]

Sugar cravings

Potassium and salt have in our bodies an opposite effect.

By the Increase potassium in the body it will excess salt removed by the kidneys and be excreted.

As a result, the Blood pressure drop and reduce fluid accumulation. 

healthy cell has high potassium (=K) and little salt (Sodium = Na) in them.

sick cell behaves the opposite way and has high salt and low potassium in itself.

Without potassium the cell can no glucose as fuel use.

This gives the person craving for sweets.

This happens because the body is not able to use the glucose present as fuel for the metabolism.

The cells will desperate messages to the brain steer and ask for sugar (glucose, bread, flour, rice, chocolate, etc.).

Why doctors sometimes advise against potassium

Doctors are sometimes reluctant to use potassium because of a medical misunderstanding.

98% Potassium is in our bodies in the cells.

Bad 2% of potassium is therefore in us blood.

When Potassium in the blood strong risesthe doctor knows that there is cells break down and that potassium escapes from the cells and enters the blood.

This is why doctors know that when the Potassium in blood very high is that the patient in mortal danger could be.

Healthy people have all Potassium mainly in the cells.

Many doctors confuse the dangerous situation of a patient who is about to die with a person that is basically healthy, but still potassium needed has.

This is the reason why some doctors give their patients wrongly advise against taking potassium supplements,

Sources of potassium

Many Health problems are related to deficiencies of nutrients,

That is why natural nutrients such as vitamins very effective.

In addition, these nutrients have no harmful side effects.

Retrieved from natural nutrients may, however no patents be issued.

As a result, producers have no exclusive right and must therefore Competing with other providers.

The Prices are therefore determined by the market.

Via the power supply we already take in a lot of potassium.

Potassium is in many types of food because Potassium in all cells of plants and animals is present.

But especially vegetables and salad contain a lot of potassium, as well as a lot of magnesium.

That is why it is very good to every day lots of fresh vegetables and salads to eat.

Also by fresh vegetable juice daily you can get a lot of potassium and magnesium.

However, in addition to the potassium in our diet, we may have to Requires additional potassium have. 

No accumulation possible

With potassium there is no risk of stacking or overdosing.

If the kidneys are in good condition are then the body does not accumulate potassium.

Potassium consumption is not dangerous for people who are not at risk of kidney failure because the kidneys simply remove excess potassium.

The kidneys keep as much as possible the amount of potassium in the body constant.

The human body can However, salt (Sodium) accumulationwhen there is a shortage of potassium.

When there is sufficient potassium is, the kidneys do not retain the salt but precisely the removing and excreting excess salt.

** Source: Voedingscentrum: https://www.voedingscentrum.nl/encyclopedie/kalium.aspxKalium

How much potassium is needed

The daily amount of potassium that an adult needs in normal circumstances is 4,700 mg*.

This advice is also 1,200 mg higher than what the Nutrition Centre Dutch advises.

* Source: https://www.nationalacademies.org/home
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provides independent, objective advice to underpin policies with evidence, to drive progress and innovation and to address challenging issues for the benefit of society.

For example, if you 2 glasses of 250 ml vegetable juice consumes you get about 2,400 mg potassium inside.

But also in all other foodstuffs contains potassium.

Because potassium is in most of the foods that we consume, it is difficult to determine if there is sufficient potassium in the body is.

It is especially important to observe the above-mentioned monitor manifestations of a possible potassium deficiency.

One such indication of potassium deficiency is a too acidic body

In one of our following newsletters We will deal with this specifically in more detail in the next section.

FreeChoice MagiKal drink

  • 972 mg Potassium per portion
  • 200 mg Magnesium
  • Extract from blueberries and bilberries
  • Of which natural anthocyanins* 401 mg
  • Vitamin C 80 mg

The combination of potassium with magnesium is crucial because magnesium is needed to get potassium into the cells.

The drink has a specific, slightly acidic environment which is necessary for active recording of potassium and magnesium

It contains a high dose natural anthocyanins* from wild blue and black berries, which grow in the untouched forests of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Delicious tastewith 100% natural blueberry aroma.

The most important function of potassium is to maintain the Blood pressure increasing property of sodium counteract.

In addition, potassium in combination with magnesium and sodium plays a fundamental role in nerve impulses and muscle tension.


€ 32,50

* Anthocyanins are colouring agents found in the cellular fluids of higher plants and belong to the flavonoids family. They are found everywhere in the plant, but especially in flowers, fruits and leaves. Anthocyanins are responsible for the red autumn colours of leaves. (From Greek anthos [flower] and kuaneos [dark blue])


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