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What is the role of patents in healthcare?

FreeChoice Colleges New episode!

The Ideal Ministry of Health

Public health has the second largest budget of the Dutch budget.

So why are more than half of the Dutch population chronically ill?

With such a budget, you should more results in terms of 'healthy people can expect?

This college explains what the problems in today's healthcare system which is mainly focused on symptom reliefthe wear and tear of medicinesand the Feeding big pharma.

This is already known by now. But what should we focus on then?

We will discuss that in more detail in this lecture.

We hope that this lecture will give everyone an idea of what should be changedand gives tools in the form of ideas that can be worked with.

Origin and promotion of this theory

The pharmaceutical industry focuses on patentable products.

They develop medicines that they can patent, so that they can exclusive right can acquire on sales.

An exclusive right or monopoly applies to a Period of 20 years or longer.

Through patent protection, they can high prices Questions for their medicines.

It is therefore not surprising that the pharmaceutical industry the most profitable on earth.

The category "Health Technology" includes in particular the pharmaceutical industry.
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/liyanchen/2015/09/23/the-most-profitable-industries-in-2015/?sh=3e693bae6b73

Important limitation

However, there is a important limitation for obtaining a patent.

patent can can only be obtained on non-natural, synthetic products.

Therefore, the focus of the pharmaceutical industry on non-natural synthetic drugs

However, it is a huge constraint that the pharmaceutical industry does not produce natural products.

Non-natural products have disadvantages and are often accompanied by harmful side effects

Medicines are chemical substances which have no natural role in the body

Natural nutrients

Many Health problems are related to deficiencies of nutrients,

That is why natural nutrients such as vitamins very effective.

In addition, these nutrients have no harmful side effects.

Retrieved from natural nutrients may, however no patents be issued.

As a result, producers have no exclusive right and must therefore Competing with other providers.

The Prices are therefore determined by the market.

Suppression of natural nutrients

Natural nutrients have a huge advantage versus the non-natural synthetic medicines.

The pharmaceutical industry is well aware of aware of the power of natural nutrients.

Therefore, they are forced to use natural nutrients such as vitamins in various ways suppress.

By her enormous profitability the pharmaceutical industry has the budgets to do this effectively.

It uses its influence at all levels to securing business.

In the new college on FreeChoice TV This is discussed in more detail. 

It also looks at how we can achieve a new ideal healthcare can come.


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