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Protecting free choice

FreeChoice supports and actively participates in actions to ensure freedom with regard to health and lifestyle choices, and vitamins.

Government figures show that the number of people with chronic diseases continues to rise over the years. 

One of the underlying causes must be sought in the quality of our food, which has deteriorated over the years and is now poor in essential nutrients, or in other words, vitamins and minerals, which our bodies need to be and remain healthy.

Intensive agriculture

The reasons are well known. Intensive farming with the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides depletes the soil and then leads to malnourished and diseased plants. Early harvesting for economic reasons only further reduces the nutritional value. And if the harvest is also industrially processed, the nutrient content decreases even further. An analogous story applies to meat, because our cattle are also fed this hollowed-out diet and are often even given antibiotics.

A robust immune system

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to function properly. Enough minerals and vitamins strengthen the body and our metabolism and ensure a robust immune system, among other things. A lack of them causes just the opposite.

After a long evolution, our body has acquired a complex but excellent working machine.

But during this time, the body is confronted with an environment that is very hostile to health and the development of chronic diseases is the result.

Problems in the 'disease industry

However, sickness also means big business and this sickness industry (which is what healthcare is today), unfortunately, profits from sick people.

There is so much money involved in this disease industry that it is no problem to use expensive lobbyists who can have a foot in the door at a high political level to bend laws to their will in order to help this disease industry to get more business.

In particular, the big pharmaceutical companies (together often called Big Pharma) use their lobbying to create government policies that benefit their business.

And the only way for Big Pharma to sell more drugs is to have more sick people. So they have the most to gain from the health of the population getting worse.

For this reason, Big Pharma uses its heavy lobbying effort in the area of vitamins, among others, to achieve both national (as in the Netherlands for vitamins A, D and B6) and European regulation.

Their aim is to bring about laws and regulations that impose limits on the EU population in terms of permissible daily amounts of vitamins and minerals.

"Overdoses" of vitamins

Around 2004, incidents of so-called "vitamin overdoses" were reported to the European Commission. This misinformation led to pressure being exerted to reduce the various vitamin doses permitted in European countries to a common (excessively) low level and to enshrine this in legislation.

An "independent" working group was subsequently set up by the European Commission within EFSA (the European Food Safety Agency of the EU).

It later emerged that a good number of the experts participating in this committee had financial links with large food industries and pharmaceutical companies.

In a report in 2006, this committee recommended very low permissible daily amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Due to resistance from a few well-informed European parliamentarians, it has not yet come to legislation.

But those who thought that Big Pharma would leave it at that were disappointed. 

Pushing the agenda

Recently, the German government again requested the European Commission to set European maximum permissible daily amounts.

The reason behind this was that during the Corona 'pandemic', food supplements were sold in very large quantities in Germany. The German political party, Grünen, in particular seems to have hated the fact that Germans were buying "expensive" food supplements to keep their immune systems up.

What the low permitted daily amounts will ultimately lead to is that only vitamin supplements of inferior quality and with very low doses will be allowed on the market.

These products will then often come from Big Pharma, while companies with high-quality products are in danger of being squeezed out of the market because their products are no longer permitted.

The low-dose vitamin preparations therefore have no beneficial effect with the result that Big Farma will make a lot of money at both ends of the spectrum.

The European consumer is therefore the big loser in the end. 

A new model

Until now, there were two institutes in Europe (one in Germany and one in England) with a model for analysing nutrients for risks. But these models only led to the low maximum values desired by Big Pharma.

We have supported an initiative to have TNO develop a new model. This model looks not only at the risks but also at the benefits that nutrients have for the body (a so-called 'Risk/Benefit model').

When the food supplements are tested by the new model, the safe daily amounts are much higher.

Our goal now is to help get this model implemented in national administrations and also in the EFSA (EU).

But to get there, a wall of vested interests has to be breached; vested interests that want to defend their business model at all costs. 

Keeping up to date

Whenever there is news about this battle, we will keep you informed via the Free Choice newsletter. You can subscribe using the form at the bottom of each page of this website.


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